chest pain

Hi everyone, just thought I would ask does anyone get really bad tight chest pain with a deep throbbing when breathing in realy scary one night when I had to use four pillows and thought I would never get to sleep but when I woke it seemed to ahve disappeared and I was ik for the day and two days later it has come back does this sound like a flare up or should I be concerned as it is not shifting 5 days now. 14Penny

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  • Anything to do with chest pain or breathing should be checked out with your GP just in case.

  • Thanks went straight to a and e and was admitted with fluid round heart and mass in lung OMG wish had gone sooner was admitted and loads of tests looks like methotrexate lowered immune system so much virus got in and caused havoc being refered to St Thomas for investigations it hasn't migrated anywhere else and exactly what it is and might have to have it removed now really scared but pain has gone almost and taken off methotrexate which i have been on a long time and they have put me on steroids short term till they decide a plan just don't want to get fat and haire Ha Ha! will keep updating on what h2appens next also would love to know if anyone has experienced similar 2/4/16 discharged been in hospital since 17/3/16   14penny

  • That must be scary!   St Thomas is a good hospital so hopefully they'll sort out the best thing to do and do it quickly!  Let us know how you get on. 

  • Will do, just waiting for appointment, 14penny

  • Could it be like a panic attack?

  • Please take Helix Helix's good advice and phone your GP.

  • hi by now you have got the general gist , please check with GP. warmest Craig

  • If you've had it 5 days you really do need to see your GP. It could be due to a number of things but just leaving it really isn't as option so do please ring your Surgery for an appointment.

  • Hi just to agree with everyone else visit gp asap just to rule things out and put your mind at ease.

    There are lots the doctors can help you with and don't forget to tell them that it comes and goes and what the pain is like,it will help them to diagnose quickly....hopefully.

  • Thanks for all replies scarry conclusion might have to have mass cut out of lung due to methotrexate leaving me open to infection just got out of hosp today and clearing my inbox out next visit to st tommys for heat scan to see it hasnt migrated anywhere else      14penny 

  • That must've been scary! Hope you're on the road to recovery now. :)

  • Thanks, hopefully I am on the right road to recovery, just to say I should never have left it even a few days too long.

  • You're right. Chest pain is one of those things that needs checking quickly. But that's the trouble with living with chronic pain... You get used to things hurting, and it's sometimes hard to tell what's 'normal' and what's not. Glad you're getting better now.

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