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What a day!

I saw Rheumy today. She is switching me to Orencia. Only now it will be infusions not injections. She wants stronger than injections. She is also not happy with Neurologist starting Lyrica again. So they may discontinue that as well? Who knows. I just took Humira injection and feel terrible. I had X-ray on lower back due to swelling. I think it is from Humira but we will see. Is anyone on transfusion ?

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I am on weekly self-inject Abatacept. It did take a long time to work and to get the full effect I think it was 9 months and after the addition of 200mg hydroxychloroquine (only DMARD I can tolerate) so perhaps an infusion will act quicker. Farm


I was on self inject Humira but she feels it is not strong enough which is why the infusions. I was on eleven drugs and stopped all but Humira. I could not tell what I was reacting to or what was my conditions. I have had no luck in slowing disease and I am developing several additional labels along the way..Pericarditis, Bletharitis, Tenosynovitis all know what that is like. Terrifying, in Canada however, there are great programs to assist you but you need a PhD in bullshit. I seem to spend my days filling out forms, for disability, best doctors. Revenue Canada, MSP, insurance companies, driving authority etc... But it is Greta to know from others what is available, like DTC. I spend so much time alone that I am beginning to question my sanity..sorry for the book long reply lol


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