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Due to the unusually high temperatures across the UK at the moment, Medac Pharmaceutical company have had quite a lot of calls from people who were concerned that their Metoject injectable methotrexate had gone above room temperature. They have therefore passed this statement on to us:

"Metoject syringes should be stored at or below 25°C. If room temperature is likely to be higher than 25°C, especially during this current hot spell or if the patient goes abroad on holiday, it is best to store Metoject in the refrigerator (2–8°C). The patient should remove the syringe from the refrigerator about 30 minutes prior to injection, to allow the solution to return to room temperature."

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  • Thanks for the info Victoria,the PIL doesn't give instructions on what to do if the room temp.goes over 25c so some people may not know.I was given a folder at the hospital with the FULL instructions in so my metojects have been in the fridge for the last few days.I wonder if the chemists are putting them in a fridge at the moment,they are useually kept in a drawer where I collect mine,will ask when I go in.Beth

  • a good point all meds which include iv powders for anto biotics via drips, all tablets should be stored below 25 degrees centigrade manufacturers wont promise stability above this for drugs, had an issue at my hospital a radiator meant to be kept turned off. ( next to the wards drugs cupboard) was turned on in the winter and a lot of drugs had to be disposed off

  • I'm

    Panicking a bit now as I collected my 4 metojects in Edinburgh and have been travelling with them in the car - staying in motels etc and have now used 2 of them. Is it too late now to put them in a cooler place as I will be back home 24 hours before the next one? Also what happens if they haven't been kept cool - would it make them less effective or actually harmful? I injected last night and felt fine this morning but am sick and exhausted now. Advice on what to do with no refrigerated travel options would be much appreciated and also whether Metoject becomes more toxic if warm?

  • No I agree Beth. But I've injected in heatwave twice now and so far I've not died although I have been pretty ropey this evening but think that's just the heat! I've put the remaining ones in the fridge now but we travel on Saturday, Sunday and Monday in the car so no guarantee that the remaining three will be okay. It would be really useful to know what the pharmacist says thanks. I have to walk about a mile to get a phone signal here although there is wifi. x

  • the only thing is to buy a portable air thermometer or weather station thing. think they vary in price but can be about ten pounds and use cool bags with ice blocks which can be refrozen in the small freezer section of hotel / motel fridges?

    Most drug companies just wont stick their neck out and comment on safety above 25DEGREES.. some companies are prepared to sat products are "ok" but shelf life considerably shortened.

  • Been thinking about it some more and I don't think any rooms I've been in have been over 25 degrees - that is pretty warm and our rooms have all has curtains drawn and windows open and the Metoject has been in a black medicine bag in my drawer. And when in car the air con has been on at 18 almost all the time or the windows have been open. Thanks Alison I will travel with thermometers and ice packs in future.

  • they make small cool bags for insulin about the size of a large purse my daughter has them they keep things cool for quite a long time might be worth getting 1


  • Thank you for that advice, have just put mine in the fridge. What happens if they get too warm? Do they become less effective? Tracy

  • Some of the providers of the medications (e.g. Helathcare@Home etc) can provide travel packs for keeping medications cool as well, but a lot of people use these packs made for insulin.

    From what I could gather I think the concern would be if the drug had gone far above this temperature or if you had had the medication in high temperatures for a long period. As Summer said, they just can't make guarantees above that temperature.

    Hope that helps


  • Thank you

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