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Recovering from knee replacement surgery


Omg was really painful after op but thank God pain not so bad now .......I am now nearly three weeks into recovering an walking about house without crutches . Still need them when out . Still painful at night. Scar still v sore. Would be pleased to know how other members got on after op . Feel difference already with better movement in joint .

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I am nearly 12 months post TKR and going well. Another few weeks and you should be over the worst. I did not like the idea of morphine but my GP convinced me and it was so much better then. I had to stay non weight bearing for 6 weeks because of a fracture where the joint was put in. Ask your physio for alternative ways to exercise if you are having difficultly - I found lying on my front on the bed and bringing the leg up behind was easier for me as I could not sit easily to 'swing' the leg because of bruising up the back of my leg and bum. I did wonder the first few weeks whether I had done the right thing but no regrets now. Farm

AbbieJ55 in reply to farm123

Thank you for your reply , a fracture , surely they should have been more careful ...glad you doing ok .....good tip re exercise .

It is so hard recovering from a knee replacement as i know as i have had the same knee done twice. I can tell it will get better in time.Keep doing the exercises they have given you to do as you will benefit in time and it is time that will heal your knee. If your scar is sore get your gp or nurse to check your scar to make sure it is healing properly darling,but i can tell it is one of the hardest things you will go through,but the benefits outweigh the pain your going through at the moment.xxxx

Hi Abbie I am pleased to see you have had it done and the healing process is taking shape, I had my right knee replaced over a year ago and I will agree that it is very painful at times, but also the painkillers are ok. I now have no problems at all with the new knee. I enjoyed it that much I am going in to have my left knee replaced on the 8th of March, I am seriously having the left knee replaced in a few weeks but I was just kidding about enjoying it. Oh the bloody pain again still it will be worth it. Bfn.

AbbieJ55 in reply to castro

Thank you made me laugh out loud ....good luck with new knee .

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