Followup on untraditional RA protocol

After being diagnosed with RA and after a thorough research on treatment options, decided to give the less toxic options first priority. Started with AIP (autoimmune paleo diet). When starting my symptoms were really bad. The strict diet was very hard to maintain and my symptoms got worse before they started to get better. After about three months I started to see changes. The terrible fatigue was gone and the brain fog had lifted. My joints felt better and I can now do daily walks with my dog, which was not possible before because of knee pain. Now I have recently added Minocycline to ensure that the cause of my RA is not a mycoplasma infection ( had an untreated mycoplasma lung infection just before the onset of my RA). I am also starting to take LDN (low dose naltroxene), as I have understood that it helps to normalize the immunesystem as well as help with pain. Additionally taking supportive vitamines and supplements. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the possitive development will continue.

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  • Very pleased to hear that you're feeling better. Go careful though. There's symptom control and there's disease control and they are not necessarily one and the same thing.

  • Exactly I am going for the disease control not the symptom😊 My approach tries to fix the underlying problem an this way get rid of the symptoms. In my case, so far, it seems that there is much truth in the gut playing a central role in RA. I definitely had a leaky gut with all the symptoms. After 3 months the situation is reversed and the effect can be seen in symptom decrease and overall increase of wellbeing.😊

  • What good news for you. And thanks for telling us, I often wonder how people are getting on (and especially nice when it's positive news). Long may it continue for you, and hope you manage to keep the RA back in it's box permanently.

  • Thank you for your encouraging replies😊 They are much needed when you are taking the risk of stepping outside of the box.

  • Thank you so much for posting this & for doing it without fuss. Options are just that but too often the people trying non traditional ones just go off the radar so we never know if they continued to thrive & never need meds again. I believe the longer term is the key here, despite researching I've not read any irrefutable evidence to suggest that existing damage is halted with this type of treatment but maybe that's because most choose to not continue to see a Rheumy so don't have access to imaging. I'm pleased you've found someone to prescribe for you too, I remember you asking if we knew of doctors who prescribed minocycline & trust they've agreed to perform the necessary monitoring when the need arises.

    I really hope you continue to do well, do keep us updated.

  • I will keep you posted😊

  • Hi Simba

    So glad you found someone to prescribe Minocycline, how did you do it , as I haven't had any luck .

    Keep us posted

  • Actually I think it was you who advised me to turn to the Road Back foundation (?). They have a list of doctors who can help you with AP.

    Good luck😊, and it's not a bad idea to start with the AIP diet while you are looking. It made a huge difference!

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