I have had over the years had Osteopathy regularly which has helped me ( even cured me with some problems) as I have been doing the same job for 32 years which has taken its toll on my body.

Now I have been diagnosed with Ra, I was wondering if it would be ok to go back to Osteopath? I am not sure what aches pains and stiffness is due to my condition or due to my general and work etc.

Shoulder neck problems for example have been going on for years so I am not convinced it's Ra but I don't want to cause more trauma on my body but if it frees movement I will feel better?

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I think it would be prudent to ask if the Osteopath you choose is well versed in RD, this is important as our joints are best not manipulated by someone who doesn't know how the disease affect us. Also, ensure the one you choose is covered by insurance, even though they're recognised legally as professionals it's advisable to check that the one you choose is insured to practice. Alternatively you could ask your Rheumy if he can recommend one. You may find this link (& download) from ARUK helpful

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Thanks. I have one really nice lady who has worked wonders with me, she has a whole body approach and doesn't do any ' crunching ' techniques however she is really anti regular medicine. I am probably best to have a good chat to her first or do as you suggest.


The thing is you're different from when you saw her before. Also, would she be happy treating you, could it be an issue you taking traditional meds? I would think it shouldn't really matter if you are or not treatment wise. I'd do as you think, talk to her, go armed with the what you gleaned from the link & say you come as as package! It's whether she's qualified to treat RD patients, that would be my deal breaker. Good luck.

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I thought that the information on this link may be of interest to you - - this links to a report conducted by Arthritis Research UK into the benefit and safety of various alternative therapies and includes a section on osteopathy (pages 38/39).

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I'm very fortunate with my osteopath. A few years ago, I had previously seen her with sciatica, so when I went with upper back pain, I was expecting more of the same. However, after taking a history and examining me, she got me off the couch (rather to my surprise and said sit down again. She then explained that she thought my symptoms were due to the RD, not the spine and that I should be having more effective treatment for RD. She would be happy to give me a massage but no manipulation as that would not help and might even be dangerous.

So, if you have a good registered osteopath, she/he should be able to sort out what is her/his area of expertise and what someone else's.


I see an osteopath when I can as I find he helps with the inflammation. He can generally tell what's RA and what isn't. If I'm in a flare I won't go and plus he wouldn't treat. A reputable osteopath will know to be gentle and many know more than we do about the body. I def find mine helps me tho


I had been really suffering with terrible wrist pain and restriction going up my arms elbows and shoulders, so I thought it was worth trying the Osteopath again.

I had treatment last night and I have woken feeling great. a real transformation. my wrists obviously still have restriction but virtually no pain !

I have for a long time had neck and shoulder issues and a pelvis that goes out of alignment which puts unnecessary strain throughout my body and obviously the R A has created more restrictions however some of my symptoms are not Ra related.

I am so much more comfortable and happy.


I see a McTimoney chiropractor regularly. It's a very gentle type of chiropractic.


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