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Hi I was diagnosed with ra 8 years ago and had to retire on ill health 2 years ago. I also have secondary fibromyalgia raynauds and hypothyroid .

Due to still having a mortgage I need a part time job but it is proving so difficult. Nobody wants a washed up has been. I used to be a Midwife and got rejected for a mother and baby home but with no explanation. I'm sure it's because they think im going to turn up in a wheelchair which I'm not

Sorry to moan but I just have to let off steam. I have good friends but you can only moan to them so often.

Thanks for listening

Kath Gallagher

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  • You moan all you want if it helps get the tension out of your body darling.xxxxx

  • Hi Kath xx don't think you are a washed up has been. To be a mid wife you must have so many skills, both people and academic. But I understand how you can feel. Where are you with treatment at the moment? What kind of work are you looking for, can you look for anything less demanding in the same profession. It is difficult with friends sometimes but you can voice your fears and worries out here with us any time xxx

  • Do you need to tell future employers that you have RA ? Could you try for a different type of job ? I use to nurse but now work in a shop - not as much money but a job. Good luck xx ps you can moan here as much as you want - I do xx

  • Thank you everyone. I retired due to the ra but I can't go back to the NHS or earn over a certain amount otherwise they cut my pension so that restricts me even further

  • We're always here to rant at Kath, as long as you're happy to just come on & have a moan!

    We were shopping in the big 24hr Tesco's yesterday, we don't go often because it's just too big but I noticed a lot of the staff were older people, certainly retirement age (not saying you are of course) on the shop floor, on the tills & fulfilling orders. It would seem like they have a policy of employing across the board if you're not fussed about the type of job you do. ;)

  • Thank you

  • Don't give up.

    Every single person on this planet has potential, even on their last day.

    There are millions of others out there who need your potential.


    Stay positive, yeah, I know its hard as hell to do but you've been through more pain and suffering than most so on that basis you are far more qualified.

    Give it heaps xxx

  • How about applying for clinics in a private hospital, that should not affect your NHS pension.

  • That's a thought thank you

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