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Trigger fingers

I have just got my appointment through to see the Orthopaedic Doctor, its on Monday 15th February, so not long to wait now. I went back to work on Monday but struggling as my fingers are still locking. I have completed my PIP application and posted it off Recorded Delivery yesterday. I got help from CAB, it is worth getting them to check your notes before filling in the form, they mentioned to list any adjustments I have at work - I had totally forgotten about that!

Hope you are all ok.

Sue X

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That was nice & quick Sue, I know how it causes you problems so I'm pleased you've not long to wait. Let's hope it's the same for PIP now! x

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I was surprised how quick the appointment came too. Just have to wait now for the next stage of pip but at least the forms completed, that took some time to do. X

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