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Rheumatoid arthritis

Hi all I'm 25 I was disagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis last year after having massive swelling in my knee being unable to walk a Crp of 200 , I had my knee drained several times had a biopsy operation to then see a rheumatologist months later as I explained some of my symptoms he immediately diagnosed me with seronegative rheumatoid I was put straight on a high dose of steroids which immediately took my leg swelling and pain down, I was then put on 15 mg of methotrexate weekly around 6 months ago but about 7 weeks ago my dad died so I was so busy and wrapped up in that I stopped taking this drug I haven't had any major swelling or pain just stiff in the morning sometimes now I am unsure what to do and worried could it be causing joint damage without the pain or swelling? Any advice welcome :)

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Welcome Salls123. Firstly I'm so sorry for your loss, it's a difficult time, I know too well. One way you can tell how not taking the MTX has had any effect is from your drug monitoring blood results, that is if you've continued to have them since halting your MTX. By saying you're not sure what to do do you mean should you recommence it? That we can't advise on but what I would do if I was still new to MTX would be to contact your Rheumy nurse & ask advice. If you'd had a steroid injection closer to you halting the MTX then it may have been that addressing your inflammation but 6 months or more does seem unlikely. If that was the case it wouldn't have any affect on the disease only inflammation.

I've never been able to go beyond 3 weeks before I'm really ready to go back on MTX but that's been if I need antibiotics & giving my system chance to fight infection rather than stopping for any other reasons. I did have 3 months without any of my meds when I returned to the UK from living abroad & as expected I had my biggest flare to date. Long story but when I eventually saw a Rheumy & she examined me, completed all the checks, imaging etc she represcribed all my previous meds, including MTX, & once the meds were in my system again I was brought under control.

I hopes this helps? :)

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Welcome salls123, I am so sorry for your loss. I know it must be a difficult time. I am 27 and was diagnosed with sero positive RA just under 6 years ago. I was first prescribed 15mg methotrexate just after I was diagnosed. It helped me for a while but then after a year of having it, I unfortunately suffered quite a bad allergic reaction and was taken off it, however, it did help a lot when i was taking it. I went about 3-4 weeks, then i would get a really bad flare up, which would usually end with me in A&E all night. i can't advise you as to what to do about re-starting ur MTX, however, what i can say is i would maybe give a call to your rheumy nurse or specialist and ask them what you could do. Also, i don't think stiffness means that there is any joint damage, but i know that when i wake up in the mornings, the stiffness usually lasts for about an hour or so. but I think thats really common with arthritis patients. I hope that you feel better soon and that u get some advice.x


If I where you I would talk to your Dr and see what he or she suggests. It does seem rather strange that you where off your meds and you have not gotten any ra pain etc.

The best way to stop your joints from becoming damage is by doing exercise and making sure your muscles stay strong and don't become weak.

On a personal note I was diagnosed with ra at a young age have been seeing an integrated health practioner and I have been doing seeing like seeing a Chinese herbalist, changing my diet and all of these have helped me because I no longer seem to get ra pain and have been slowly coming off the ra meds that I was on.

Hope things work out for you. All the bes


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