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Morning everyone,

I have just had a phone call from my nurse. She had my blood test results . I only had the bloods taken yesterday morning ,so I was surprised that she had them already.

My CRP was okay and my SED was 17. Last time it was measured it was 24. So it looks like Humeria has been working. She is putting it down to a virus with a rash. I am now to rest and take pain killers for my joints. I am to stop the Humeria because I am still stiff in the day and she said that you shouldn't get stiffness with Humeria. I will be put on another Bio. when I see her on the 11th Feb.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Jane xx

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Hi Jane

Thank you for the update. I'm pleased they don't think it was a side effect, so hopefully the same wouldn't happen with another drug. Hope you feel better soon.


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