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Update and help :)


Been a while since I've posted.

He it confirmed that I have arthritis in my knees, spines etc etc. Which I knew anyway. I'm still on sick from work as of last June! Thankfully my employers are brilliant.

I have however, found out that I've got slipped discs that are slipping backwards.

Now.... I get a constant pain across my shoulders and my necks been killing for days now. Co codamol isn't helping much apart from making me feel spaced out.

I've got a friend who's a pysio but he can't give me anything solid as such as he's not seen my records or anything. But he has however told me that I need to be careful as the slipped discs can cause paralysis?

I get aching in my back all the time and pain every now and then. Would the pain I've been having in my right knee for so long be caused by the discs in my spine?

Thanks all :)

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I had discs removed , the spine fused and a cage put around the spine. Have you seen a neuro surgeon yet ? If not I hope you have been referred to one.

It depends on which spinal nerves are involved ,if any, where on the body you might feel pain. So often you would get pain down your legs from lower spinal problems for example. Mine were in my neck and I had pain and pins and needles in my arms.

But I can't stress enough it's important to see the doctor and specialists ASAP . X

Wow that's scary stuff. I've just had it diagnosed so got my first physio on 3rd Feb.

I had mri on lower back and hips and it showed that up. I dread to think what it would show on top of my spine and my shoulders at the moment.

I've been sort of hunched forward for a few days now. It's eased up a little this morning but feels like it's ready to bite at any point.

Did you having discs removed fix anything?

The main problem for me is that I want to move to Canada to work with my dad, but it's going to be a job where I'm going to have to move about and lift sometimes. I'm scared that this will mean it won't happen. Sadly I can only talk to my dad over Skype but would rather do it face to face

I think I was very nervous at the time but I found the op much easier and not that painful and it sorted the problem immediately.

It might be that Physio would help or other treatments , you may not need any surgery but shat you do need is some professional advice. I wouldn't be going any heavy tasks until you get clear advice so do get to the GP or ask to see a specialist who can advise you or what care if any you need further.

I'd get full facts first before making any kind of decision xx

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