Odd finger pain?

Hi all and a happy new year😀,

I have found reading your posts very helpful and a comfort to know I'm not alone in this but I have a query which I've been unable to find an answer.

I'm as yet still undiagnosed, psoriatic arthritis is the most likeliest culprit. My meds are Naproxen and Sulfasalazine. I get the obvious pain and stiffness in my joints but the latest I can't seem to find any info on. The underside (palms up)of my knuckle joints are very sensitive and sore when any pressure is applied, when I feel the underside joint I can feel hard lumps. Does anyone else have any similar experience? Using a gear stick when driving is very painful, any advice would be gratefully received.


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Rheumatoid nodules perhaps?

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I have quite a few of these lumps, thankfully no pain. Asked my GP when seeing him about something else what he thought. He said he really couldn't say if they were R A nodules. If yours are painful you need to get them checked out. Good luck x


Thank you for the advice, I'll speak to the rhuemy nurse


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