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What next

I was diagnosed with RA and Psioratic arthritis firtsly put on steriods, (gained over 2 stone weight), then tried , methontrexate and hydroclhoroquine got very breathless, came off mtxt and was put on sulfrazine, still taking hydro, as this did no good my rheumy added Leflunomide. his took all fluid away from joints and so less pain BUT was on loo nearly 27/7. I queried the mix of tabs to see if one may react to another as I had read the hydro could react with lefluno but my rheumy said she had never seen that, I told her where I had seen it but she was not interested, just took me off leflono and put me back on a lower dose of mtxt which is doing nothing except very breathless again!!!

I am sure she thinks I am making it all up I just do not now how to deal with these people I thought she was a consultant but no she is a registar for the rheumy department.

Can anyone help with advice and / or has any one else had problems with Leflunomide?? i have to say apart from the terrible runs and pain in gut / tummy I did find the joints were better so what is next.....

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If you have PsA, then its quite likely you would meet the criteria for anti-tnfs now you have tried (and failed) some of the DMARDS - which aren't usually enough to deal with PsA properly anyway (as they don't have the same disease modifying effect on PsA as they do on RA). Can you ask to talk to the rheumatologist about being assessed for antitnfs using the PsA criteria? It sounds a bit mean of the rheumatologist to make you go back on something that caused you physical distress.


thank you so much I did not know this you have been very helpful, I just feel there must be something out there and even if it takes weeks/ months to work I am willing to try, so thank you again.


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