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What next

Seen a rheumatologist last year after waiting 7 months very rude MAN seen him for all of 5 mins sent me forx ray and hands and fingers he reckoned nothing wrong didn't see him again .Well rheumatologist my hands fingers and thumb joints have got worse pain when I bend them base of joints has gone bigger and my one thumb is clicking and painful to bend worse when I haven't for a while soo down.

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Back to your GP is what next & see if he/she considers you should be referred back to Rheumatology, preferably not the one you saw! The way you were treated, a hurried appointment & a wait of 7 months isn't common for a diagnostic appointment so I wonder if you weren't presenting the same symptoms at the time? Or if you'd been taking anti inflammatories they masked inflammation. Your GP should be able to refer to the report letter & consider the Rheumy's findings, he may have suggested something else was amiss, though your GP should have contacted you if that was the case. Is it the joints nearest the nail that are troubling you? If so that may be osteoarthritis & whilst it is a Rheumatology remit often Rheumy's refer patients back to their GP's.

I'm sorry you feel so down, your experience wasn't a good one but hopefully your GP will be more sympathetic to your problem.


Thank you rheumatologist said fibromyalgia and that was that now my doctors are sticking to it meanwhile I'm in agony thank you for your reply .


But given that he diagnosed fibromyalgia he didn't leave you unmedicated, you weren't just left high & dry surely? Is there not another GP could see at your Surgery?


@ I'm on so many painkillers I mean strong ones he gave me a gel to rub into Messages my hands fed up now going to see top doctor i found something to help myself with the limp i had i bought orthopedic insoles.


Ok, so when you see the other GP explain that the pain relief isn't working & hopefully he'll listen to you, examine your hands order a blood test. What pain relief are you taking?


Thanks I will I'm taking morphine gabapentin co codamel .


Well, if that mix doesn't help you definitely need help & further investigations! I'm not prescribed morphine, but another opioid 20mcg/hr transdermal buprenorphine, 30/500 co-codamol plus other NSAIDs, steroids & muscle relaxant & at times have breakthrough pain but generally my pain is controlled. I got up to 1800mg gabapentin but it didn't help my pain, only made me feel a bit vacant so I tapered off it.


I take other tablets for other conditions also I don't want more tablets I need everything to be sorted out maybe a pain relief injection have to wait and see.


It might be worth asking the different doctor for a complete prescription review. I have one annually & it may be helpful. Also, maybe also ask for a referral to a Podiatrist if you're having trouble with walking. The insoles you've bought may help for now but if they're not quite suitable for you it could throw your ankle, knees, hips even back out of line & cause more pain. I've just received my personalised ones & they're very different from the start to the end of the intitial ones my Podiatrist started with.

Seems you need to be looked at afresh, the whole body. Maybe asking on the Heathunlocked Fibromyalgia site would help too?

Good luck.

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A pain relief steroid injection will only last a short time. All you describe could be just Fibromyalgia as that is very debilitating, tiring and very painful.I have that and RA .It wasn't until I went back to the next condultant visit that he admitted me to hospital to be on 5 day steroid drip then told me news that I had both now.

If he hadn't given you a follow up appointment contact your gp and tell him you can't cope. S good cry at same time will convince him.

Pain is do distressing and gets you down


Thanks its impossible to wke up every day knowing you are in pain and dreading moving them its breaking my heart and thats the truth .


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