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Has anyone been through a disability lawsuit for psoriatic arthritis?


Hello everyone, I was diagnosed with onset psoriatic arthritis and applied for short term disability. After the short term ran out I applied for long term which I was turned down because I had psoriasis the previous 20 years. They had said the psoriatic arthritis is a pre-existing condition because I had psoriasis already, even though I have never been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis or expirenced any joint pain previously to diagnoses. I am currently in a disability bad faith lawsuit and was wondering if anyone has had to go through a similar expirence? Did the lawsuit go in your favour?

Just to let you know I have a rheumatologist and am on several different medications but am still am unable to work.

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From the sounds of it, you aren't living in the UK. That sort of disability support is not an issue we would have to deal with here, so you may want to ask on a more US-based support forum. Try the Spondylitis Society of America or Kick-AS. Both of those have a lot of people with PsA and who know the american social security and legal systems.

Sounds an awful predicament you're in Siriasis. In the UK it's as earthwitch says but as your profile states you're in Canada maybe the CPN or CAPP sites could be the place to ask. We do have Canadian members, I'm unsure any have PsA but I'm sure if they can help they'll be along soon.

Both KickAS and the american society also have quite a lot of canadian members, so someone on one of those forums should be able to give you advice if you don't get any joy from the Canadian sites.

Try livingwithpsoriaticarthritis.org


I am a fellow Canadian living in Vacouver. ( I haven't had to apply for long term disability yet.) . I have a co worker who had been turn down for long term disability. She went to her MLA office and was helped. Our MLA's are voted into government and their job is to help us. Good luck to you. I am going to follow this post.

Take care


Thank you Sue, I will keep you informed as this unfolds. Did your coworker suffer from psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis? Or something unrelated?

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She suffered from diabetes. She was told (in writing) that since her diabetes was pre-existing, she didn't qualify for Long term disability. She won her case with the help of the MLA's office.

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