Do I take anti bs ?

Hi all haven't posted for a while as things seem to have settled down as far as the RA. I am on Embrel and sulphazlazine combo which seems to be working ok. I had pneumonia about 4 years ago and was hospitalised but have been well since. However I have just gone down with a Nasty cough and sinus/cold bug which has wiped me out for 3 days. I went to the docs and he gave me anti bs but not to take unless temp goes up (it was only slightly raised). Or if I had enough coughing and it went on a bi.. The reason being because if anti bs are taken when not needed a resistance will build up. However I asked the pharmasist and he said to just take them,, because of my history and RA, as one course won't build resistance. Now I'm confused. The cough is only slightly better but I am still feel very much under the weather and temp is stil slightly up. don't want to take if not going to work anyway but fed up of feeling ill. It seems such a grey area! everyone says a different thing ...anyone shine any light?

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I would go with the GP's advice! Have you considered taking high dose vitamin C, lots of garlic, fresh fruit and vegetables...echinacea..........natural ways to combat the bugs.....enjoy having some time to do things you don't normally make time for....


Grey area indeed . You are sick with a temperature so I would say good reason for antibiotics.

The resistance thing is the doc trying not to give the general population antibiotics regularly as they the bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics.

However in your case it doesn't sound as tho you have had loads!

So for me, your ill, with a temp so I would start them as prescribed!

Hope you feel better soon, for the record I'm on my second lot and steroids for bad chest. Been bad this winter for chesty coughs , maybe this frost will start to clear them!

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Poor you. Yes I normally escape these bugs with all the usual things vit c occasional echinacea (although seems crazy to boost immunity when our drugs are there to dampen it down) but this time it really got hold.

I am normally pretty healthy so hope this isn't the start of not being healthy!! I know it is best if our own defences can fight it off but it sometimes needs a little help if it carries on especially when on powerful drugs to help the RA.

Will have a think and maybe call the doc again if don't get much better in a few days..

Hope you're feeling better yourself soon.


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Speaking as one who nearly always ends up with chest problems with a cold I wouldn't hesitate to take them, it's more likely the one course will do if you start them before it gets a real hold. My GP doesn't bother about me seeing her if I'm at this stage, she just sends a script through to my chemist but I have history.

Yes, it's true there's a problem with resistance worldwide but this is mainly due to overuse of them & inappropriate prescribing. If you've not needed any antibiotics recently (& there are 6 different types to tackle different bacteria!) then I wouldn't think you're at risk of building up resistance. Maybe your GP didn't check your notes & just says this to every patient he prescribes them to.

Your GP said to take them if your temp went up, if it has, even by a degree, I'd start taking them as prescribed & finish the course, even if you feel better before the course is finished, that way you've a better chance of the antibiotics doing their job. Better tackling it now than risk a stay in hospital would be my thought.

I hope it doesn't hang around & you start feeling better soon.



I agree with you, it becomes harder and harder to decide what is the best thing to do and I suppose it is impossible to generalize and each case needs to be looked at on its own merits. Thought you might be interested in the following short video about this topic

Best wishes



You shouldn't take your Enbrel if you are taking antibiotics though.

Definitely speak to the Enbrel nurse or the rheumatology nurse as your GP might not have thought of this aspect. Hope you feel better soon.



My GP did say it was ok to continue with the Embrel if I decide to take the antibiotics as its only a 5 day course 👍


Oh that's good then Tessthomy.

I really hope you feel better soon!


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