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Consultation on PIP


There is currently a consultation on PIP, and the use of aids and how these should contribute to "scores"

The consultation is available here. If you are contemplating applying for PIP in the near future it might prompt you to do so now!!

Given the concerns around PIP that come up frequently on the site I just wanted to bring this to everyone's attention and make sure people have the opportunity to voice their opinions.

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That made 'interesting' reading. I wasn't aware of this until I read your post. Well spotted.

Thanks for that Aurora B. Just so happens that I phoned up today to start a claim, as it seems that I can't claim ESA. Will definitely look into that. X


This is very interesting hope this does not change it could close the pathway to additional benefits

The easy read version on the consultation site sets out the issues quite clearly, and how "use of aids" may not count as much in the future in the points needed for PIP, or lead to a lower level of funding, than achieving the PIP points from other criteria. Please do share the consultation link with others who may have chronic conditions and are not on NRAS site.

First time i have heard about this very nervous waiting for face to face

Thanks for that piece of info.

I scored 6 of my 8 points through the use of aids, so it is highly likely that I will be affected as a result of this, as I suspect will many others be too, and just at a time when my employer has already served me my notice period as I am unable to carry out the substantive role for which I was originally employed!

Happy New Year ahead.

Thanks for sharing this AuroraB.

I am reading this and shaking my head in horror.

They don't understand, do they, that needing aids and appliances for a particular task is just one symptom of much wider problems, functional impairment and/or pain.

I guess that just about everyone with RA or any other physical impairment would fail to qualify under any of these proposed options, unless they actually need someone else to do things for them - which makes a bit of a mockery of the name 'Personal Independence Payment'.

It makes me want to scream and swear.

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