17 years and counting

I've had rheumatoid arthritis for 17 years, in my mind as a child I thought I'd have it until I was a teenager and be done with it. I thought adulthood would magically transform my sorry joints.

Unfortunately I was wrong but I am now taking real charge of this disease and actively kicking it's ass! I hope!! Currently I'm in the early stages of rituximab treatment, a little scared and unsure but I made the decision and I'm now running with it .... Ish! First few weeks felt fab! I think I'm on the slow come

Down from the steroids but not feeling awful as I normally would this time of year! Fingers crossed 2016 will be a little less painful and a lot more full of life!!

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  • Hiya N-work28 & welcome. Such a shame it's not panned out as you understood it would but at least treatments are available to us to ease things. I hope you enjoy being amongst others in similar predicaments & we're here if you need others experiences or just to sound off! We know how it can be at times! :)

  • Hello there N-work28.

    Thought I'd send you my best wishes for a much improved New Year. I hope you benefit from Rituximab and the "necessary steroid body holiday" is not needed in the future. Hearing how other people are living with this disease makes the difficult times so less lonely. It is always nice to hear from others who are having new treatments and seeing how they are getting on. The understanding and support shown here is so valuable and greatly appreciated by those who post regularly and those like me who dip in and out.

    Happy, Healthy New Year to you and all the other members.

  • Hi N-work and welcome... 17years - if RA was a specialist job you'd be looking at getting a long service medal in a few years :)

    I hope the new med works well for you and indeed this coming year is a new era of minimal pain and maximum energies :)

    All the best


  • You already know what a roller coaster this disease is. Hopefully you will find a med that will agree with you and work allowing you a 'normal' life. I say normal but as you already know we are not compared to most other people. I struggled to understand how people could go out most of the night and then function normally the next day but now know it is the disease. I am coming up to 30 years having been diagnosed at 19. Pace yourself and take each day as it comes. Farm

  • Best wishes for 2016, here's hoping for as pain free as possible and lots of happiness! T x

  • Thanks for all your support this is so helpful for me to vent rather than hiding it from those I love to spare them the moan 👍🙂

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