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Hi I'm new to this forum I'm just turning 47 in Jan and two weeks ago was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the lumbar spine with degenerative and prolapsed discs I have worked I a care home for twenty seven years and it's taken its toll gutted that my days in this job are numbered and can't believe the constant daily pain I'm in I think I've got it in my cervical spine as well needed somewhere to talk to others about how they cope.

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I was diagnosed with this when I was 28 having been a registered nurse on an orthopaedic ward. Now have spondyloarthritis. Had surgery when I was 34 which caused more problems than it fixed. Clemmie


Poor you - it's horrid isn't it! I've got 3 degenerated lumbar discs so know how painful it can be. Over the last 2 years I've made a lot of effort to strengthen the muscles supporting my spine and this has really helped. Not something to do without the help of someone who knows about backs, but I do recommend exercise.

Since my rheumatoid arthritis is pretty well controlled now, it's often the osteo arthritis in my back and knees that gives me most grief.

There is another HU forum for people with osteoarthritis - maybe called arthritis care? You are very welcome here of course, but since most of us have inflammatory arthritis of one sort or another the discussions are often less relevant to osteoarthritis.


I have RA and osteoarthritis . I had two discs removed two years ago in my neck and have it badly in my hands and two degenerative areas still in my spine.

The best thing is to make sure you keep in touch with GP for pain relief or ask to see the pain clinic. Also make sure you ask to see orthopaedic consultant too. I use cold packs as they help snd have just been told I can go again to hydrotherapy .

Arthritis research care are a great bunch of folks who specifically have OA and lots of experience , they have a good website . Hope you get some support soon , it's so painful xx

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I have RA, as well as OA and osteoporosis all up/down the spine and hips. I've had 2 lumbar fusions and currently have 3 cervical herniated discs that they are I understand your pain! I've found that a chiropractor helps immensely! And in between visits I use prescription ibuprofen cream and a heating pad. I sometimes just have to laugh and hope that everything doesn't decide to hurt at the same time. Hope you feel better soon!



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