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Finally been referred for starting these drugs ..Really struggling with pain ....already had hip replaced ,waiting for knee replacement tried all other drugs over past twenty years , Can any you guys advise me how you got on with them , any tips are they any good . I have RA an 60 years female .....thanks and Merry Christmas everyone hope it's pain free x

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I was diagnosed in July 2015 but have already started with TNF inhibitor. I have also been on MTX , now via injections. Do you know which drug ?

AbbieJ55 in reply to Damaged

No don't know which one I'll be on yet . Are they doing you any good .

Hi Abbie,

I have tried various drugs over the past 20 years too. I was eventually started on biologics. My first was Enbrel and after 9 months it was stopped and I am now on Tocilizumab. Mobility slightly better but hasn't stopped the pain or fatigue.

🎄 Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year.🎄

Patsy 57

AbbieJ55 in reply to Patsy-57

Thank you for your reply will keep you posted.

I have been on Cimzia for a couple of years. It has helped me a lot. I was previously on the maximum dose of methotrexate, plus hydroxychloroquine and sulfasalazine. My condition was gradually deteriorating despite this "triple therapy". I am active and swim and cycle regularly. I recently had a flare which reminded me of what I was like before treatment. You may still get flares but they should be less frequent and have less impact.

I started feeling the benefits within a few weeks. These treatments don't always work and it is possible you may have to try more than one to find the one that works for you.

Biologic therapies are expensive and only offered where other treatments have failed. You will need a chest x-ray to check for latent TB before starting treatment. Biologics are often injected by the patient and a nurse will show how to inject.

I hope everything goes well for you.


AbbieJ55 in reply to Scottishlad

Thank you . Already had the x.ray . How long did you wait before receiving them . Do you get a lot of infections .bit scared of them after reading info re them.

Hi Abbie,

I've been on Rituximab for a few years. It took a few weeks for it to kick in but after that it's been brilliant for me.


AbbieJ55 in reply to Liane87

Thank you ....hope you keep well .

Hi Abbiej55,

I was diagnosed in February .Having tried various medicines and having suffered horrible symptoms I am now pleased to say that I am now on Humeria.

I have been a lot better .My pain has eased and I have more energy.

I even start back at work after Christmas as this illness can get you down,so I will have work to take my mind of things.

I do take Naproxen and Co Codamol to ease pain,but now I feel a lot more like myself,and as I have been told it's still early days yet , so I'm hoping for even more improvement as time goes on.

Don't worry about taking the Biologics,if they work for you they can give you back your life. Fingers gently crossed.

Merry Christmas.

Jane 🎆

Thank you your reply helped a lot ....hope you keep well.

I had to wait only a few weeks. Consultant has to check x-rays. Arrange for drugs to be sent out and for nurse to visit you to train you in injecting technique.

I don't feel that I have had any more infections.

I hope you get on well.


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