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pain an being fed up


Is anyone else who suffers as i do get real tired of being tired?? An being in pain any more drugs an I'd shake i really am starting to hate it more an more each day. So fed up with being sick, I try to stay positive an most of the time i suffer i silence but sometimes all i wanna do is scream an i would if i didn't constantly have a sore throat xx

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I know exactly how you feel, it's awful being tired and sore all the time,people don't want to listen to me talk about this so often I feel isolated and alone

Yes - me too. After nearly 3 years of illness I just know that most people think "surely she's better by now!" Thank goodness for our forum buddies who DO understand. x


It is very hard dealing with pain & fatigue and having something that won't go away. Difficult to comply with all the advice and treatments without getting depressed and super frustrated, especially if you have always been healthy till this struck. I have to make special efforts to concentrate on what I can do and on any small improvements, rather than letting all the negatives keeping mounting up.

Learning how to take care of the new me., take care too. Doreen

I too have been there darling and you don't see an end to the cycle do you. See your dr and see if they can do something for you maybe tweak your drugs. Sending hugs for you from me.xxxx

I know exactly how you feel. I find the fatigue much harder to cope with than the pain. Sometimes I wonder if it's depression as well and there is treatment for that. I hope you get a break over Christmas, Jacey xXx

i am so sorry that you are suffering so much. Clearly the medication you are on is not working. Do 'make a nuisance' of yourself [in the nicest possible way, of course] to your GP. I was very much in the same way ten years ago until I was eventually put on the medication which has me back on my feet. I do hope, so much, the right thing is found for you very soon xx

Reading your post and I think that's me, thinking no more I've had enough. It's quite easy to get depressed but like you I try my best to stay positive. People don't want to hear a litany of complaints, they wouldn't understand. I'm so blessed with wonderful grandchildren from young men to babies. The youngsters are so loving and fun I am constantly laughing. When I'm down I rest and then go and see my grandchildren and I see the joy in life once more. Oh I do feel for you, may something remind you of the joy in life and if we could make a fist and batter a pillow. I truly hope you have a Merry Christmas xxx

I am at the moment in the same cycle of tiredness and pain so know exactly how you are feeling. You just have to hang on in there and wait for the rainbow . After a storm a rainbow appears hope yours comes soon.


Me too! I believe in rainbows 🌈 - hope after the storm, just wish it would come soon! x

I know exactly how you feel sweetie. I feel the same way with my osteo. It's the constant aching every day, from the time I get up til I go back to bed. Like Jacey15 mentioned the fatigue is just as,bad. I tire out quickly with mine. Some days are worse than others. I sure you get relief soon. Prayers sent your way. J Quinn

I too am feeling the same way as you are just now. I can't see the end of it but there must be as everyone here says so and I do trust them, they are the only people who fully understand. I think it has something to do with the time of year, a lot to do and no energy to do it. I have come to the way of thinking that what doesn't get done will stay undone. My health comes before anything else. After all Xmas is just one day. Hugs to you and do take care and rest.

I know exactly where you are coming from. Constantly tired, lack of sleep, knees swollen and screaming at me. I quite often look at the amount of tablets I take, which are now down to 148 - was at 169 per week,. But I expect others are on more and I just wonder what they are doing to the other parts of our bodies! But then I think what would we be like without them!

Today I have woken up after 1 1/2 hrs sleep with a migraine and now have to have an injection for it and they hurt OUCH! Still, better today than at Christmas! Let's hope 2016 will be better. Hugs and hope you will be feeling better soon xxx

You have my upmost sympathy, in the early days with R/A the pain and lethargy was so bad, their were days when I didn't get out of bed, please believe me it will improve,

and remember these days and ask yourself how did I put up with it.

yep, "im sick of being sick" is my new phrase, ergh the fatigue gets me down , its silly little things like making a cuppa, then not having the energy to drink it, im six months diagnosed and still trying to get the meds right... i cant count the amount of times ive wanted to scream my head off with frustration but hey, i know it will get better big squueze and you are not alone :)

You'll know by now that you're not alone. Most of us seem to follow the same path. That also means that for the most of us there is light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes I look back and think "how the heck did I get through it and grow stronger at the same time". Feel for you a lot and wish you less of everything you don't want. Merry Christmas


Have you asked your GP to attend a Pain Clinic.

A referral may be possible as well if you ask the RA Specialist or Nurse.

You may benefit from that pathway.

There is also another site that I sometimes enter, it is on Health Unlocked and it is called PAIN CONCERN. Give it a try

Good Luck


it is hard getting used to not being as active as you once were. sending encouragement and empathy. hoping things get better soon.

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