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Jab number 6

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Hi I have been sent a reminder to have the autumn booster and have booked it. I am dreading going to the vaccination centre as it is my 6th jab and it was a battle for me to get the 5th, the staff at the centre, including a doctor had not heard of anyone having 5 jabs. I have searched the internet looking for evidence that some people are having their 6th jab, so that I can take it as evidence, but cant find anything. Can someone help with this please. It seems wrong that people with no education in this matter could stop me having it. I am on a biologic and prednisolone. Thanks

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I had my 6th jab (autumn booster) last Saturday after being texted by NHS Vaccine to book one. I had no issues at all, it wasn't questioned, & it was at a vaccination centre in the next town I’d not attended before but it was the closest to me.

Were you not give options as to where you could have the jab? Just wondering if you may not have the same issues having it somewhere else, maybe the second option may not be too much further to go? That said, you many not even see the same staff or doctor this time.

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Hi, i wish i had thought to book it at another centre. Thanks for your reply. 🤞 I hope I get a better experience this time.

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I’m booked in for my 6th in October. I’m high risk on rituximab. Bring your letter I’d be surprised if anyone questioned you, they haven’t disputed that here in edinburgh

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Lots of people are having their 6th jab, Take your reminder with you. It shouldn't be a problem at all. Good luck

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I had both a text and email with a link to book. As nomoreheels says if your booking with one of them there shouldn’t be an issue. Mine just asked to take evidence of immunosuppression like a prescription, the meds or letter from consultant.

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I have had 6 jabs. One person at the vaccination centre queried number 5 but then saw I was 'on the list' from rheumatology hospital department. I took an empty bio box with me and it satisfied them. I also took a box with me last week for number 6 but no queries then.

The 'clinically extremely vulnerable' all are due 6 vaccinations

You could contact hospital rheumatology dept to check you're on the 'list' and tell them your vaccination centre is not au fait with the processes. But if you go, with your box, you might find there's no problem this time with different people.

Best of

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I am on 25gm methotrexate but could not get the '5th' jab! but have just had my autumn booster along with flu one

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I had my 6th last Saturday. They checked my health record that it was at least 91 days since last one. No problem.

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Had my 6th jab last Wednesday… I’m on MTX & Humira … hope our replies help you get yours without a battle 🤞🏻🤞🏻

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If anyone questions it, you say,firmly, that the medical advice is that you should have your sixth vaccination because of your medical condition. I find that if I look straight at people (with my body posture as erect as I can get) and say things with authority they usually shut up! If they argue (and there can be one or two who think they know better than us expert patients) - ask them to go and check with the person in charge.

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Hi, yes that is exactly what happened last time and I did get my jab, but i was really hoping that someone could point me to an official document that mentions a sixth vaccine, i cannot find one. Thanks

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If you have been sent a reminder I would think the clinic giving the jab will just go ahead & give it to you.

Just make sure you take the NHS reminder with you.

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I had my 6th jab at a walk in

I never discussed how many I had

I had received text and emails calling me in and it was beyond the three months since my last vaccine

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I had a flu jab reminder from my GP and they're giving covid boosters at the same time. Now, getting the antivirals when I caught covid was a completely different matter...............

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I have also had my sixth one about 5 weeks ago now. Person at the desk queried it as although I had a text message with the appointment time I wasn’t on their list. No problem once I showed her the message. She queried it with someone at the centre and she let me know we will probably be called back every 3 months for boosters

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had mine 2 weeks ago

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If you are looking for a document to refer them to you could mention chapter 14a of the Green Book which outlines all the procedures for COVID vaccinations and is available on the gov.uk website. Within the chapter it clearly lays out that those who are immunosuppressed should have received three primary doses, and were then eligible for a booster in autumn 2021, the spring booster 2022 and now the autumn booster 2022 I.e. 6 jabs overall. Good luck!

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will try to include link to the document here, hope it works


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thanks very much, thats what i was looking for!

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I had my 5th at the pharmacy where I get my meds. I'd booked it without being sent a reminder. No questions asked . They have all my meds details on file anyway and didn't even ask to see my biologics box.

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the vaccine centre I went to had access to my hospital records. They did say some people assume because they had letters (CEV)they think that makes them eligible for extra booster. I wasn’t CEV but I am on a biologic.It is dependent on your medication. I have never been called for boosters just gone and explained the meds I am taking.

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I've booked my 6th jab at a different venue to the other 5 and wonder whether they will question why I think I should have it.

Husband and daughter (who live with me, an immunosuppressed person, qualify too) and are booked in at same time, 5 mins apart, so we'll support each other if questions arise.

Other than that, my covid record will show I had the 3rd primary dose and spring booster, so hopefully they wont be too militant. I'll also take a prescription note showing Methotrexate and a Rheumatology letter.

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Try not to worry.

I like you had to battle for most of my 6 jabs. I had the latest 6th one last weekend with no issues. It's your autumn booster is all you have to say if questioned. Also, everyone is more relaxed at least at my center which they weren't before let me tell you.

No one was wearing masks either bar me. The jabs are open to all over 50 and walk in's are welcoming ppl in, my husband had his the same day as me. I booked but the same clinic did walk in's in the evening which is when he went.

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I think it will be easier for the sixth, because it is at the same time as the autumn booster. My husband has just turned eighty and he has been invited for his fifth, having had his fourth in June, even though he is pretty healthy (now there's an oximoron, if ever there was one!) I was invited at the end of August for my sixth but held off to have mine at the same time as his so we are having them on Monday. K.

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I am on high does Methotrexate but recently and abruptly taken off Hydroxychloroqine because of long term use and eye damage. For my fourth and fifth jabs I was told to bring evidence of my meds! So I will do this again when I have my 6th this Sunday. My previous gp’s surgery was hopeless and I’ve recently moved and find my present one even worse. So I have booked the last two jabs independently when prompted by info in the news. It’s definitely not nice to be doubted when you have so much already to put up with living with RA. I hope it goes smoothly for you this time.

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I got an NHS text to have my 6th jab together with a ‘flu jab at the end of October. I chickened out and cancelled it because previously I have felt quite poorly with all covid jabs and last year I felt rough , for the first time , after the ‘flu jab .

I then booked a 6th covid jab at my local walk-in . Also booked a 6th jab for my husband , who has always had the same number of covid jabs , as he lives with me . I have RA , on MTX and SSZ . Also CEV but not bad enough to have THE antivirals letter . Not had covid , yet . We both felt rough for a couple of days after the jab .

I’m taking my time before I book us for the ‘flu jab . Probably mid October .

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I'm on two immune suppressant drugs,had to shield back then,latent TB and will be having my 5th covid jab (and flu) next week. Why are people having 6th. Rather needle crazy 😀

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