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Desperate for Relief

Struggling with the chronic pain in my back, knees, ankles, and wrists. My doctor has tried back braces, knee braces, physical therapy, steroids, NSAIDs, methotrexate and folic acid, cortozone injection, and Humira injections once a week. All which I saw very little or no improvements in my health, and my pain would always come back again and again. Flare-ups were unbearable and I had nothing to do except sit it out. I began looking into other forms of medication and thats when I found cannabis. I was out of options and my parents could not stand watching me go through the pain, no sleep, and lost appetites from my RA. I soon got ahold of a gram and told my parents what it is and the potential benefits of me using cannabis (THC) medicinally. They were desperate and so was I, so I tried it. From that day on I have smoked, consumed, and cooked with cannabis. My last flare up was September 4th, 2014; first time I tried cannabis. I usually smoke two times a day, 4-5 times a week. I don't always like direct cannabis smoke so I cook with it and consume it as well. I truly believe that cannabis (THC) has factors in it that reduce inflammation and chronic pain as well as help with people that have auto-immune deficiency, and It helps me greatly. I have been off Humira for 3 weeks now! But then again everyone's body reacts different to it, but it can't harm you and to date it has no known side affects so its safer than most pharmaceuticals in my opinion.

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It's crazy that it should be illegal, but things are moving. Yours is an interesting experience.


I recently watched a seminar series (9 seminars) called the Truth about Cancer, by Ty Bollinger, and they have a website and I believe some of them are available on YouTube. These are evidenced based alternative treatments for cancer. We don't hear about them because the pharmaceutical industry and governments have driven them underground. One episode covered the medicinal properties of cannabis but I can't remember which episode. If you do a search for cannabis on their website it will probably give you information and evidence for efficacy. The whole series is interesting because they have a premise that cancer begins due to inflammation in the body. They researched and interviewed top medical personnel and researchers to present the series, they interviewed people who had survived after conventional medicine had declared the person untreatable and terminal and as a last resort they turned to alternate holistic route, with amazing results. They cover diet, essential oils, herbal and plant, and much more. Worth having a look at because of the inflammation link.


I tried electro acupuncture. My fingers were jammed sold and the acupuncture released them. I had one session, then another a week later, and it relieved the pain and swelling and stiffness so much that I booked a course. At the same time as the course, I took Chinese herbal tablets (main ingredients Dong Quai and Danshen) which had amazing beneficial effects to general health. I also used patches on my shoulder which had been well and truly frozen and out of use, and on a day to day basis, they bring immense relief. A cortisone injection had helped as well. There is also a hot oil which helps rubbed into the hands.

Once a plateau of improvement has been reached, top up treatment regularly is needed. It does not relieve the condition 100% but in my case, it was very near. Well worth a try albeit a bit expensive.

Strangely, an ultrasound of the hands showed marked synovial thickening and joint effusions. Six months later, after the Chinese treatment, an MRI showed an improvement and there was also an improvement in all blood tests.

I had to interrupt the Chinese treatment for hospital tests and - guess what - there has been a flare up.

I really think Western medicine and the NHS is not treating this condition effectively.



should read "jammed solid". This happened again recently.

The patches also contain the same herbs. Not sure about the hot oil but I think it does.


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