Ssh don't speak to soon

Hi everyone,

Well after months of pain,swelling,tears,depression,more tears.

Today I feel miraculously a lot better.

Yesterday I cried my eyes out and I mean sobbed my heart out,and today well complete turn around. I have been happy ,moving around normally just like my old self. Infact I could have run a marathon.

I hope it is the Humeria starting to work,but I don't want to talk too soon,even though I like to look on the bright side.

Happy weekend everyone.

Jane xx

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  • Hi sorry you had bad day yesterday, I think we can all relate to that but GREAT to hear you feel so good today and it's good to feel positive. Long may it last for you especially with xmas approaching, but don't go mad !!!! Big hug your way xx

  • Don't go mad today, enjoy your new mobiity. sssh....fingers crossed

    Tomorrow you are permitted to run into the sreet and scream IT'S WORKING. After that you take things slow and easy, builing up graduaslly AND THEN YOU THROW aPARTY!!!

    I was feeling really dismal,, you have cheered me up, Great news x Mx

  • If I throw a party , we can all get together and see who can dance the most.

    Could you imagine it??.

    Hopefully if the meds are working they will keep working and give me a break

    Wish you well.


  • Jane crying does help to release the pressure of the flare as i know only too well. I was getting very very down on Wednesday and i too ended up sobbing by heart out,but it did help me to release the tension in me and since i haven't been as bad,i know you have also had a new drug and yes it probally helped as well and i am so glad you feel so much brighter than you did. Hugs from me.xxxx

  • I think I 'll be sensible and stick to watching Strictly! !! Look after yourself. M x

  • Yippee! Great to hear you are feeling so much better, Long may it continue. Enjoy the time and don't overdo it. You can help yourself to make the pain free time last longer if you don't start doing all the things you think you can do because you don't have any pain. I have learned from experience. Have a great weekend. xx

  • Thank you Sheila,

    Yes , I can't quite believe how well I feel. Today I feel near normal.

    I haven't done too much, I have rested this afternoon and watched the Davis cup.

    I won't over do it as I don't want to push it.

    Having been so so I'll since February ,I have even given up work , now I hope that I can get back to enjoying life a bit more. It's my 46th birthday on the 7th December so I am hoping and preying for a better year.

    Have a nice weekend as well .

    Jane xx

  • Great news - very hopeful! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! :)

  • Jane dont worry we all have those times, I think it's good to remember that the meltdowns are normal and that they will pass, that's what normally gets me through. And just make sure you dont overdo it when you're feeling energetic. Lots of love xx

  • So happy for you!! Hope you stay pain free!!

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