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Well had knee arthroscopy yesterday was in agony when came back from theatre so was drugged up on morphine came home last night just resting with leg up now due for PAIN RELiEF soon 🙄

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Bless you sweetie, hugs, hope you get the results soon xx

Deejojo in reply to allanah

Let's hope so xx

I hope you recover soon and it has helped you darling. Hugs.xxxx

Ahh lovely, hope its not too bad for you. Rest up and take care. X

Deejojo in reply to Riedenise

Thanxs Hun xx

Ouch! Sounds really painful. Wishing you better real soon. Hugs, Smiler xxx

I'm sorry you're having too much pain. I'm sure you're happy to be at home. Have you got meds to stop blood clotting? My hospital encouraged me to have 2 soluble aspirin every morning.

Things will get better steadily now, I was thinking about you having the op and hoping it was OK.

Hugs, Cathie

Sorry, I read arthropastry (replacement) rather than arthroscopy so my comments are irrelevant! Hope the pain subsides. It will, just give it time.

Get well soon and hope pain settles for you x

Thank you ladies the pain is subsiding just fed up of being stuck in house now xxx

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