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Now on 15mg methotrxate

Well several weeks have passed,since my last post re the metojet. Anyway to bring you up to speed,saw my consultant yesterday, who I consider to be brilliant. He asked the normal questions,I handed him my diary of the last month!! Guess what he thought it was great,and marked it for inclusion in my file. I was abit dumbstruck as when I had offered such a thing to a consultant at the UCLH several years ago. They took no notice and said don't need that.

Anyway he feels that we need to increase the dosage from 10ml to 15ml,so here we are. Took the jab last night but no instant high lol still feel like a pile of phoo!!

The boss lady is still poorly,though have managed to see consultant who has made a urgent request to the top guy,so may have answer to her problem.

But Today is still the first day of the rest of our life's,as well all know miracles don't happen at once .

Warmest thoughts to one and all wishing all clear horizons. Craig

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Lol! If I handed my consultant anything on paper he'd throw it at me. But his big strength is questioning, he always asks the right questions & drags the answers out of me. Your diary must have been pretty good.

I dunno. I can't help wondering whether you qualify for biologics. They are so often the game changers. How many swollen / tender joints can you tot up?

But meanwhile here's hoping the extra Mtx does make a real difference. And wishing all the best to you and your boss lady, hope she gets answers and that things improve for both of you.


Hi Postle thanks for wishes,

as for the diary I just wrote it.

nov11 Pain in both little toes, being going on for the last 3 -4 weeks quite severe at times, r/h big toe appears to be pulling to the right against next toe etc etc.

As for swollen joints don't talk to me about swollen joints lol, for my sins ankles, both feet inclusive, of all the little joints in between, knees, hands.

yes I have met consultants who have ignored what you have written etc, DOH.

warmest Craig

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I can't help talking swollen joints, sorry! The damn things can be our 'passport' to more aggressive treatment. I realise you've got a lot going on right now, but don't forget that there can come a time when consultants need a little nudge to consider bios .... just something to bear in mind perhaps.


Hope the increase kicks in soon. One of the frustrating things about this disease is the long wait to see if a med works....and then when it's tweaked/increased/added to another long wait. But it does make it easier to cope with when your doctors actually listen to you!! Well done!! M x


Craig it won't kick in straight away it will take a few weeks before you start to feel any benefit darling.xxxxx


Upward and onward. Patience is the key but good on you for getting your diary notes in your record! Have a great day, cheers Doreen


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