Has any tried so-called 'artritis gloves'? I need a review :-)

Hi, I have RA and fibro and already I am really feeling the cold, especially in my hands. I am typing now in "girt big" gloves in an attempt to feel some comfort (my spell checker is working overtime at the number of typing errors!). I have seen these arthritis gloves that claim to ease pain and keep cold hands warm by using compression. Have any of you tried these and if so, were they any good?

Many thanks

Sian x

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  • Hi Scouser, thanks for the reply. Do they provide any warmth as well? If so, I'm phoning my OT Monday :-) x

  • Thanks :-) x

  • Yes, I have these compression gloves too and find them very good:-}

    Cece x

  • Thanks :-) I'm sat watching telly with gloves and a microwaveable hand warmer lol, I need to try something x

  • Can you purchase these gloves from anywhere?

  • Philip, I am wearing Thermoskin gloves now it's gone cold, they help me so much. I got mine from Lloyd's Chemist, cost £18. They are nicely close fitting, give warmth and light compression and have open fingertips. I can get XL washing up gloves over them, so can carry on with washing up etc. without taking them off. Only thing is they are black and lacy, so perhaps not a style a man might wear, but I think they also come in a flesh colour.

    When sitting watching TV I lay my hands/wrists over microwaveable wheat bag, the warmth is really soothing. Lynda x

  • Ooooooooo lacy, I quite like Lacey , lol, not really.

    I shall get onto Google and see what happens , thank you both jockety and. Scouse.

  • Hello, I'm new to this forum **waves**, I've just been diagnosed with RA and it's worse in my feet :-(. Anyway I'm in the middle of a lovely spa weekend and I had a lovely slow and gentle foot massage yesterday. When she finished she put my feet in these wonderful heated boots. It's the first time in months I've been pain free!!. Just wondering if there is something that does the same thing after a hand massage?. I would seriously recommended them if there is such a thing (they plug in the wall) x

  • Hi Kirsty

    Welcome to the forum :-)

    I find my RA is worse in ankles, I have been considering having a foot massage with those warm boots.

    Was the pain only better while you had the boots on or did it last afterwards?


  • Hello!, unfortunately the pain was there as soon as I stood again. The actual massage was lovely, I did explain to her not apply much pressure and it was perfect. Just to have those 20-30 mins with the massage and boots pain free is enough to charge my batteries and the heated boots have gone right to the top of my Christmas list! :-)

  • I bought some but I have very small hands and they were ballooning out, still haven't found any that fit me, so just a word of warning about one size gloves lol x

  • Thanks

  • Yes I have a pair of heated padded gloves, I bought them off the Internet from a beauty shop, they are used in treatments for softening hands etc. but are really good when my hands are bad.

  • Hi, I have pressure gloves from my OT and they are really good. I wear them with fingerless gloves over the top and I tend to wear my fingerless gloves all the time now winter is here as I can't stand my hands being cold!!!! The pressure gloves you tend to wear until the swelling is down but you can use them several times a day. Hope your OT can help you, take care Michelle.

  • hello BOB here

    Yes I was given a pair from the O/T .

    They are expensive to buy and you can order them from BOOTS,

    When wearing them , I wear them in bed or watching TV they make you feel like Hercule Periot , (sorry for spelling) the Belguim detective, will have to grow a under lip job, will look the same.

    They support your fingers and keep the joints firm warm and relaxed.

    All the best


  • I think they are wonderful. I have 3 pairs so there is always a clean pair. When my hands are painful and stiff they provide relief very quickly. I bought mine form Amazon. They cost about £18 a pair. Just search for arthritis gloves.

    All,the best


  • Just an update to say my first pair arrived today and I'm in love! My hands are warm! Thank you to everybody for their advice :-) xx

  • Hi

    Glad to hear it, where did you buy them?

  • On eBay, £8.99 with anti-slip, they are the grey ones not the white ones. I'm a definately convert! X

  • Thanks, have ordered some xx

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