Swelling in knee

Hi all I occasionally have swelling in my left knee, it's painful, stiff and itches. I have been given arcoxia 90mg by my doctor and it doesn't seem to be going down, it actually feels like it's swelling more. I'm trying to rest but really cannot afford time off work. Any ideas how to help the swelling go down? I need to work and it's frustrating me. Kirsty

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  • You've been on it a while now Kirsty, possibly it's not as effective as it was, I've found that happens with some COX NSAIDs, though Arcoxia (etoricoxib) is the one that's served me well the longest. Do you take it daily (or nightly) or only when it's needed? I ask as I find since I went back to nightly, every night, my inflammation is kept in check. If you do then maybe it's time for your Rheumy/GP to review your NSAID/s if yours aren't doing it for you. Or, if you're due an appointment any time soon possibly it's time for a complete med review? Meantime rest it up as often as possible & apply cold (bag of frozen peas wrapped in a towel or I recently bought an ice bag very reasonably, the type you fill with ice cubes, which worked far better for longer).

  • I take it 7pm daily I feel like it's not working and my knee is just getting bigger. I'm applying a bag of refreezable ice cubes on it. It's painful when I'm at work, I just want it back to normal. It's driving me mad. Going to call my doctor tomorrow and hopefully find something to help me. Thank you for replying. Kirsty

  • I have been on Arcoxia for a couple of years, and for the last year or so, have also had a particularly swollen knee - mostly behind the knee, so I couldn't bend it. Both GP and rheumy nurse thought it was a bursa. The Arcoxia didn't seem to have had any effect on that at all; but on the other hand, I had an intramuscular steroid injection 6 days ago, and now it has almost gone. :) If that's the only bit that's swollen, it might be worth considering a local steroid injection...

  • I sometimes get swelling in my knee and apply a gel pack from the freezer for 15 minutes three times a day. At home I sit on the edge of a table and just swing my legs without any load on the knee a few hundred times. This loosens all stiffness and brings the swelling down for me. Don't know if this work for you, but it may be worth a try.

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