Having come off my meds, I found myself struggling badly so I hobbled along to the hospital today and apparently looked so desperate and pathetic that they fitted me in this afternoon! The nurse gave me a steroid injection (dignified!) and it's already working! I feel light and mobile and like me again! However, I forgot to ask the nurse how long they generally last. I'm assuming a few weeks? Is anyone more clued up than me?

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  • Dunno... I had my first one on Monday! Good, aren't they?! :)

  • Mine last 6 weeks or so.

  • Mine usually lasts approximately 2 months. Then the pain begins to return.

    Good luck to you. I hope yours will last longer. Glad you're feeling better!

  • Never had a steroid injection but take prednisone. Used to mega dose every time it flared and was doing that steady. I decided it would be less to just stay on 2 pills a day and now am down to one per day. That keeps me somewhat mobile and helps to control pain.

  • Hi. Mine usually last about 3 months. Enjoy the relief from pain while it lasts.

  • Hi I had steroid injections in my wrists about a month ago and they helped for about 2 and a half weeks. I am also on steroid tablets and methotrexate. I was diagnosed with stills 6 months. I hope the injections help you x

  • Sure I've seen somewhere 42 days, that's a decent time when you feel so awful. Pity we can't get that effect from something without side effects. Make life so much easier. Good luck xxx

  • What side affects are there? Don't think I've ever been told any

  • Most side effects are from long term use. Short term could be problems sleeping, increased appetite. In the long term development of moon face, more facial hair, more rounded middle. Can develop bone and skin thinning, bruising. I must emphasis these are long term use over many years. I was on them for over four years for PMR and I'm ok, no bone thinning etc. Please don't worry, enjoy the pain and inflammation relief they bring. I was just wishing all people with RA could find that relief permanently. Good luck x

  • Oh wow! I didn't realise there was so many! I've only come off my meds to start a family so I won't be on them long term (hopefully!) thanks for the info :)

  • The injections are not as problematic as the pills, as they are managed slow release. Normally you can only have 3 a year max as well. It's the oral steroids like prednisalone that can cause real difficulty.

  • Hi helix helix

    I've been on prednisalone for two and a half years

    I started on 20mg now I'm on two and a half three times a week. I was also on Other Medes Sulfasine

    and others I'm off them at the moment due to

    allergies but I feel fine just on the steriods

    Best wishes


  • Had no side effects myself

  • Hi Becky,

    Most of the times they work for about 6 weeks. Anyway in my case.

    Inam glad you Freek better!


  • Remember to still pace yourself - it is very easy to overdo it when there are steroids in your system. As you can see it varies greatly how much relief people get which is also affected by the dose level you were given. Unless my rheumy has specified the amount my GP will not routinely use as high a dose. Farm

  • Thanks. I'm not very good at not over doing it even when I'm in pain but I'll try. I don't think this damp cold weather has been helping either

  • I can't help 're steroid injection as I take a low maintenance dose which keeps things in check & only needed the one for trigger finger, I do however hope it lasts as good while for you. I was just wondering what the nurse made of your peeling skin & if it's eased any?

  • I forgot to mention it! I seem to have stopped peeling but I haven't been taking the naproxen as much. If it starts again, I'll definitely go and see the GP

  • May be why. Worth having a chat about NSAIDs anyway just so he's aware.

  • Hi Becky. Steroids are a quick fix that could last as long as 6 months. I have my thumbs injected but you can't have them any sooner that 3 monthly intervals. Enjoy your pain free time but don't expect it to last forever.

  • Steroid injections are my most favourite thing in the world ( how sad is that !) - the pain relief is wonderful and you feel so incredibly well - if only for a couple of months - enjoy it while it lasts xx

  • I have been taking prednisolone for the last 3yrs,15mg daily, as far as the R/A pain control if it is the steroids, they are working but my skin is so thin If I just knock myself it results in bleeding other than that I am not aware of any other side affects.

  • That's how I was diagnosed. I had Bersitus in my hip and was also having RA pain but didn't know it. Everytime I got a steroid shot in my hip, I felt like a new woman. Then I went to pain management (still not a clue why all the pain). He gave me injection in my back - again a new woman was born. Then I thought my tendon had issues so I received several different kinds of steroid injections and again felt great. Finally saw my GP and he said sound like Polymyalgia Rumatica (pardon the spelling) - so he gave me prednisone and WOW I was a new woman. Finally got in to see RA doc and no Poly but RA - back on Pred until the 18th when I see the doc again for final diag and treatment plan.

  • The last time that I had the steroid injection it was meant to last up to 6 weeks but only got a couple of weeks from it.

  • About 6 weeks mine lasted.

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