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Ra problems

Hello im new so interesting to read all your different topics and very good replies i hope i dont sound to happy but im upside down with try to get a appointment with consultant been a nitemare still waitinf but good thing ive been referred after constant nagging at my useless gp. Who seems to think i dont look my age and that takes him away from MY PROBLEMS.....

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Also having problems with esa been award pip but now they cancell my esa assement... so im unsure were i stand with that aswell why is it a nitemare to all aspects of get help wen cutbacks are play a big part in health issues by the way ive worked 40yrs for what.... ow im ill its a battle ....

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Your age shouldn't make any difference, BFT, A lot of us on here were quite young when diagnosed. I was 36. Hope you don't have to wait too long for your appointment with a consultant.


Keep pushing for an appointment. If that doctor doesn't help ask to see another in the practice. X


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