Hope I spelled that right my daughter is on this drug went for flu jabs today family outing,One of nurse's asked her if she was feeling better from back going into spasm as she did not look good took her away into a office her BP high all her adult life textbook 120/70 today can't remember top number but bottom was 97 went down to 91 after resting for 30mins is this a side effect or do we add it to list of other conditions she has

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  • Did She have her injection ??

    Bloods are generally shown with the higher number on the top and the lower number on the bottom for example 120/80 Dystolic/Systolic. Think that is right. Further more visit the NHS Choices Website for blood pressure explained. I am 120/80 and am sixty five these for my age are generally low.

    Did your daughter have bloods taken because of this medication ? I thought these injections may be not given under these situations ?? if not well.


  • Sorry what I ment to say was we're the 70 normally is was 97

  • If your GP is happy with that, all can be right with the world.

    What did the GP suggest, we all bow to that.


  • Just to let you know it's the other way round Bob..... Systolic is the number over Diastolic. bloodpressureuk.org/BloodPr... explains.

  • Hello Heels

    I am a bit upside down myself at the moment, so when I feel a little better will sort it. Have some health concerns at the moment so my life is problematic.


  • Sorry to hear that Bob. Hope they're easily sorted & you're the right way round soon.

  • Perhaps it was because she was stressed about the flu jab etc. I know my BP is always really high whenever I get near a doctor or nurse, I can't even get a decent reading using the automatic one set up in our surgery.

    Then when I was put forward for a research project and had lots of measurements and bloods taken and then my BP was taken at five minute intervals, the nurse taking the readings insisted on no talking while it was being done my BP was amazingly normal.

    I have my own Omron BP machine and take my own readings, there are lots of them about at quite reasonable prices, I sit quietly before I start and usually read a book Between readings do I am very relaxed, that way my readings are ok, generally they are similar to what they were before I started on prednisolone and hydroxychloroquine - 105/74 pulse 74.

    I do take tablets for my BP though so it really shouldn't ever be too high. Hope this is some help to you.

  • Thanks for reply she will be speaking to GP Monday BP never been problem to her in fact when having her son 8years ago midwife said you can't be ready to deliver BP normal son born 10 mins later

  • Sorry Bob it's the other way round, the diastolic is the lower reading. It's the resting phase of the heart so if this is high your heart is working too hard.

  • I am in my 50s and my blood pressure does fluctuate and was slightly high when I was perimenopausal. The diastolic reading does rise dramatically when I take DMARDs, highest reading was 98. It seems research now suggests that the systolic reading is very significant and my highest has been 190. My pulse was also anything between 90 and 125 beats/minute. I have been of all medication for 2 months now and blood pressure is not perfect but sitting around 140 over 80 and pulse 73, so definitely drug related hypertension and tachycardia in my case.

    Pain, of course, can increase blood pressure, so ensure that you are keeping your pain under control and you are not putting on a 'brave face' and only taking pain relief sporadically. You might want to explore alternative therapy for reducing blood pressure, I believe Ubiquinol (high absorption CoQ10) used for heart and artery health may help lower blood pressure, but you must ALWAYS check with GP and or pharmacist before taking additional medication to avoid drug interactions, and or worsening any existing medical conditions.

    Lastly, improve your diet - think green juicing, vegetarian, or just eat more real food (at least cut out processed and sugar laden foods) and get some exercise, even if it is just doing some walking. I know when I was in pain and very tired, I comfort ate lots of processed microwave dinners/take always and curled up in a ball (no exercise) and only moved when I had to. This subsequently has caused me muscle problems in my upper back and I am attending chiropractor as well as doing more exercise to correct the damage that I imposed on my body. My diet is still not perfect (I am human after all) but I bought a cold press juicer and will do a 2 day juicing detox every fortnight and I am eating a lot more veg (often raw with hummus dip) and fruit. I do feel so much better as a result, more energy, sleeping better and even my skin and hair look better. When I have a lapse and revert back to processed/ takeaways I feel so sluggish that that acts as an incentive to get me back to the healthy eating.

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