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Coming off MTX

Very quick question. Finally had my rheumy appt today and managed to hit him with 90% of what I wanted to cover. I'm coming off MTX on the basis that I've been on it a year now and it seems to have done nothing. Rheumy is instead switching me to hydroxychloriquine to see what that does, and is referring my feet for an MRI for suspected Mortons Neuroma.

My rheumy isn't very communicative however. I ran off just grateful for having achieved these two things, before realising that I don't really know whether I would keep going for monthly blood tests if I'm on hydroxy now instead of MTX. And whether that presumably means I no longer need to take the weekly folic acid supplements. Can anyone tell me?

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Hello, I've been on hydroxychloroquine for almost a year now. I've never needed a blood test, but you should have your eyes tested at the begining. Then every 6 months to a year because, although it is rare, hydroxychloroquine can effect your eyes. There is no need for folic acid. Although folic acid is good for you.

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Sorry don't know but I've had my Nuroma's operated on twice. It stops the pain instantly do not let them fob you off with insoles its the injection or the op and the jab only pus off the op. Mine need doing again and you have my deepest sympathy as they hurt more than it is possible to describe. If it helps I've got some smart flowery Dr Martyn boots which are comfy but modern.

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Thanks ladies. It will be a nice break not to have to worry about monthly blood tests and remembering to take folic and MTX once a week..... lets see if it does anything.


Good luck :)


Yes I think that will be me done with mix inj as well going to see reumy next week t see if I'm acceptable for biologics , couldn't take my last injection as have chest infection and swollen left eye which has just appeared just another day with RA


Just to add to the comments below, I was on hydroxychoroquine for 7 months (had to stop because of rare side effect unfortunately as it did seem to allow reduction of pred). Prior to taking hydroxy I had to have an eye test, this I was told by my rheumy was most important. No blood test, no folic acid. Good luck.


Thanks. As I said, my rheumy is not very communicative and said nothing about needing eye tests, but I have one every year anyway so should be on top of that.

Reading up on dosage, it seems to say that you should have more than 5mg per kilo of body weight. Which take me down to 300mg per day. But I've been prescribed 400mg per day and there was no discussion about my weight. Did any of you have your dosage limited in that way?


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