The strangeness continues

The strangeness continues

Well I am now booked in for a 3 day holter monitor and a trans esophageal echo cardiogram to see if my strange vision loss has anything to do with my heart. I did dodge having to take beta blockers though as I said , "no I can live with palpitations" I so hate holter monitors as you can't shower and that is the thing that gets me moving in the morning. Oh well. I am also booked in for nerve conduction test to see if they can figure out why my arms and hands are going numb, my toes have followed suit, must have felt left out hahahah

No idea what my liver levels are doing as the registrar hasn't bothered to call back to tell me what is happening, so I am going with 'must be good news' and they must be coming down. So I am going back to monthly blood tests and if they want to bother to ring me then they can.

I have ad two falls in the past week, one down the two stairs to the bedrooms the other was a full on spectacular, would have won the prize on funniest home videos fall in the bedroom. Luckily I didn't break anything, but boy did I bend a few items like the lamp, fan and almost ripped the wiring out of various electrical items, while plunging the room in to darkness. hahahaha The picture sort of shows how I did it. Computer cord again.

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  • SO did the penguins trip you up?

  • Absolutely. It was not my stupid feet at all it was the penguins

  • My fingers are crossed that everything works out well for you...Love those penguins!!

  • Thank you. I am sure it will. I think it is all coming from my neck problems.

  • I'm surprised they aren't doing an MRI of your neck to check for cervical stenosis or atlanto-axial subluxation (which can impact on the vagus nerve which can cause all those heart and vision problems as well as a whole host of other seemingly unrelated stuff)

  • Hi Earthwitch, yes they have done neck and brain Mris. Nothing like that showed which is why they are all baffled. Oh well I suppose like all my strange stuff I will just wait and see what happens. If I ever get to see a neurologist I guess they may have some idea.

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