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Methotrexate and psoriasis

Hello everyone!

I am new to this site and full of hopes that i will get all the support and suggestions i wanted to deal with psoriasis and still disease afterlife.

I was diagnosed with still's disease in mar'13and was put on wysolone from mar'13 till dec'14.

After wysolone withdrawl, psoriasis started getting worst. Tried all possible topical ointment and tried light treatment also.but nothing helped me. Now doctors are planning to start mtx . My question is how much helpful it is for psoriasis treatment and does it help to clear psoriasis near to forever.

waiting for replies


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My son has severe psoriasis and took MTX for a year which did nothing for his skin, unfortunately. He is now taking cyclosporine which has cleared his skin beautifully but has caused him to have very raised blood pressure and mood swings. He is now waiting for an appointment with rheumatologist to be prescribed Humira. Clemmie


My old GP told me that two of her patients with severe psoriasis were put on methotrexate and it was like a miracle cure for them. However I have a friend who's husband has been on it for years and his psoriasis is still not well controlled and he has liver trouble. The dermatologist put him forward for anti tnf drugs but our health board turned him down saying "psoriasis is not enough its own to warrant such expensive drugs - PsA different and would qualify". Basically each of us responds differently to these medications so it's a case of trial and error.


I'm having a severe psoriasis flare despite (or possibly because of) being on Humira.

Whilst Humira is used to treat psoriasis it can also sometimes trigger it. Curious and curiouser!

However, my rheumy and dermatologist currently think that the most likely trigger was stopping Methotrexate back in January. Withdrawal of some systemic meds can trigger psoriasis and it's also possible that Mtx was keeping psoriasis at bay.

I've re-started Mtx at quite a low dose but it's early days. It does take a while to take effect. I hope it helps you ..... and me! It may very well do so.

Meanwhile, I asked my dermy for a really good, detailed management routine to deal with the itching and inflammation. She'd prescribed a load of topicals, emollient etc. but I wanted her to have a re-think and explain it all to me with more conviction. And she did. So now I have a bath every night with a prescription oil in the water. Then I apply a range of topicals .... different ones for feet, scalp and the rest of me, then wait 15 minutes and apply emollient. Once a week I apply de-scaler to my scalp too, leave it overnight then rinse it out with a prescribed shampoo. With this regime the itching and widespread inflammation (which gets worse in the evening) is much improved. I expect you're doing all this but if not, I'd recommend it.

Psoriasis will come and go, it's not curable but remission in between flares can last and last. It is 23 years since I last had any psoriasis worth mentioning!

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Thank u peeps!! Ur responses are really helpful! I think i should givr mtx a try.. N lets hope it will work for me n gives less side effects!

Wish me luck!



Hi I'm new to this but been suffering with psoriasis since I was 11 I'm 69 now and as I got older it became worse all over, strangely when I was pregnant disappeared then came back after babies were born have been on mtx and it cleared up I had a knee op last August and guess what it's come back like wildfire, I'm now Thinking of going back on mtx hope this helps you decide


Hello. I had psoriasis for 10 years, tried all creams, etc. and was eventually put on to Methotrexate. It worked great for me for 18 months. Then it stopped and my skin started getting bad again. My dosage was upped but it's not been helping at all anymore. It's like I've become immune to MTX. I have a dermatologist appointment tomorrow and I am going to ask to come off them. I've been reading great things about vegan/natural remedies so I am going to give that a try. Good luck in your pso journey :) xx


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