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Kenalog injection

Hope everyone's good today,I've had enough and phoned my reumy nurse she,s going to speak to my consultant and see if she can give me an injection to tide me over until my appointment in November I just can't take anymore pain every joint is sore from head to toe,and mobility wise I'm struggling to walk well I can't I'm shuffling and my feet are red raw I'm away to dip my feet in a basin of water

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Sorry to hear that.

The good news is that we all sympathize with you.

I know that it mightn't help you physically but I have found it a lovely feeling and support that people across the other side of the world to me are being supportive

and offering advice where they can.

So....... I am sure there are lots of lovely people here who are with you in spirit,

apart from me..... Good luck with everything and have you thought of Epsom Salts

bath and footbath? It is fairly affordable and is theraputic. Smiley-face!

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So sorry to hear how much pain you are having, and really hope the kenalog injection helps it really helped me a few weeks back the physio in the rheumy department gave one injection in each knee which was brilliant as I had greatly reduced pain and swelling and can sleep alot more comfortably now. Fingers crossed you get some fast relief.


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