Can't see the light

Hi all,

Firstly I will apologise for any errors in spelling as I have lost the sight in one eye yesterday.

I think I'm just looking for your super hugs, to say I'm scared of what's happened an understatement. Hubby has been brilliant though sitting at hospital until 3am yesterday and back today for 6 hours.

Ophthalmologist has said I have optic neuritis, my optic nerve so swollen has blocked the sight to my right eye. Am now awaiting mri to check for Ms, but he is also going to check thyroid function.

I have started steroids today and he has said my sight may return on a couple of weeks, but it was the might word that I focused on, no surprise there. On the positive side the excruciating headache has gone.

After a long battle with the most depressed sounding woman on the phone have managed to get my kids on the school bus for 2 weeks (notin cachement area for free bus) and I don't really think I would be safe to drive, although I haven't been told I can't.

The other lucky thing is am on holiday from work for a week as not been signed off either so at least if it hasn't improved by then I can self cert for a week.

On the plus plus side I can't seey kids pulling faces behind my back either,although have told them the eyes in the back of my head are still working fine, lol.

Take care



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  • Oh Ruth how utterly frightening for you. I do hope you regain full sight soon. Blindness is a real worry is't it? Please take care and let your supportive hubby "do" for you to give you some much needed rest. Loads of gentle hugs. Babs x

  • Hi Ruth big hugs. I feel for you. My daughter had much the same with all the worry of Ms. Steroids did their job and tests were normal but I do remember how worried she I were..good luck


  • Ruth that is a big worry for you i am sure. I hope your vision soon returns. At least they are taking it seriously. Big hugs and i look forward to when you say it has returned. I bet you shout it from the roof tops. xxxx


    Let us know how youvgetcon.Arteritis vasculitis can cause blindness I am being checked for that

    Hugs to all

  • THinking about you, hoping things improve soon

  • So scary, no wonder you're needing hugs! Lots on their way.

    Oddly enough I was reading the RNIB website about this yesterday, which said....

    Although optic neuritis can have a few different causes, the most common cause is 'autoimmune'. This means that your body's defence against infection, your immune system, attacks your body's own tissue. Optic neuritis can also be caused by infection, or as a reaction to how your body's immune system copes with an infection.

    And it went on to say that most times it does get better. So hope the steroids are starting to work and calming things down.

  • I am so sorry for what you are going through with this. I permanently lost the sight in my left eye over a year ago to a retinal occlusion. Vision loss can be quite frightening. Big hugs from me. I surely hope things settle down and your sight returns very soon. Please do let us know how things turn out. All the best to you.

  • Just hope you get better very quickly. It's good that you still have a sense of humor "eyes in the back of the head". I wish you all the strength you can muster and send you big big hugs.

  • Thank you all for the hugs, they go a long way to making things feel right in the world.

    My friend is taking me out to lunch today so something to look forward to rather than looking at a restricted view of four walls,

    The pain is not so bad now, at least I can stand without the nausea now. Everyone has been really helpful, including my dog groomer who is coming to collect Lazlo for his haircut.

    My m-in-law has even offered me my f-in-laws blind dog, he was retired after my father in law passed away but still remembers his training. Had to laugh as both dogs tried to guard my blind side while on our morning walk.

    Have rang my rheumy nurse for advice about meds as am supposed to start hydroxy on Monday, not sure if this is a good idea whilst my eyes are bad anyway and from what I've read it can effect the eyes.

    Big hugs, hoping the sun is shining on you too.



  • Big hugs Ruth xxxx

  • Good luck, Ruth. I do hope the sight returns. I only have proper sight in my right eye. It's tiresome , but I suppose I've got used to. But I'm sure you'll be OK. I had to stop hydroxchloroquine, but I'm sure they'll check you out thoroughly before you start.


  • This may not come as comfort but I've been functionally blind in my right eye from birth. I can drive fine, just get surprised when people come up to me from the wrong side! Seriously I have had one moment for a few seconds when the nerves crossed and I had sight in both eyes for a few seconds and I found it absolutely disorientating so I cant imagine how hard you are finding it at the moment. I hope that the new medication will help to restore your sight and you start to improve soon.

  • Thank you jpet72. You have my utmost respect, it's very disorientating when u loose something you have relied on for so long.

    It puts everything into perspective when you realise others have coped all there lives without something we can take for granted.

    I always remember my f-in-law relating stories of nearly being arrested as he was changing the oil on the car in the middle of the night. He thought it was hilarious that they thought a blind man could do something like that. He was a very capable man and loved to prove people wrong. I hope I can live up to half his reputation I was very proud of him and miss him lots.

    All the best


  • WOW jpet72, I bet that was an experience after being blind in rt eye from birth. Gosh you won't forget that in a hurry. Such a scary thing sight - take care. Babs x

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