What next I ask?

What next I ask?

So I lost the sight in my right eye for about 10 minutes, didn't think much more until I kept getting flashing light and thought hmm weird feels like a migraine. Then the right side of my face went numb on Sunday so I though oh well off to he GP again. I so feel like a hypochondriac. Anyway he freaked and roused on me for not coming in when the eye thing happened and thought I may have had some sort of 'episode'. So after test were clear, yay I have sparkly clean carotid arteries!! so no nasty strokey things but apparently the damaged discs in my neck are compressing nerves which caused pressure on the optic nerve and now my face and migraines stuff. So now I am on migraine medication which has made me feel so drowsy I fell asleep with my hands in the keyboard at work today. grrrrr I hope my body adjusts very quickly because if I snore I will be so embarassed

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  • How frightening for you SOM. What else is there to explore for you?! Not much left I wouldn't think. I hope it doesn't happen again but if it does at least you know it's nothing really sinister.

  • Thanks Nomoreheels. I wasn't that worried as I thought it was my neck that had caused it. I am sure there are more weird and wonderful things my body will do yet that are waiting in the wings. My poor GOP at least I am stretching his medical expertise in so many different ways hahahahah

  • As usual, you're upbeat about the latest test! One fine day it will give you a break lol! ;)

  • Not much else I can do really. hahah I will give this medication two weeks and if I am still wanting to sleep 24/7 I am ditching it. Nothing is worth that sort of disruption. I would rather have the numbness and migraine than this.

  • Yow, that sounds frighteningly like a stroke, I'm glad it wasn't! Hopefully you'll either get used to the meds or learn to snore very very quietly. Hugs and caffeine for you xx


  • Feeling envious of your squeaky clean carotid arteries but that's about it. Neuro symptoms are pretty scary I know but like you I tend to assume there is a more obvious cause than the scarier possibilities these days. Hope the migraine meds do their magic.

    I'm seeing my GP for last time as his registered patient and asking him about my carotid duplex report from a week ago. Your post has galvanised me to say that I don't think having hardened arteries is normal for a woman my age who looks after herself very well indeed! X

  • No it isn;t and in fact the reason my GP freaked is he said that cardiovascular disease is at a higher incidence with RA. So yes follow up and ask if it is likely to accelerate if you already have hardened arteries. He was talking about putting me on a blood thinner if I did, so glad that isn't on the cards. Phew

    I was less sleepy today so I am hoping that has gone until I increase the dose again. I took them about 7.30 last night so only had a little bit of lethargy around 10ish this morning. Fingers crossed

    Good luck with your appt. On to bigger and better things I hope

  • What you had sounds like an aura that is sometimes called by different names. If interested in string theory of physics that is what you saw. It does go after about 10 to 20 minutes though very unpleasant. I get mine when I look at bright light like the sun shining on the car back to me and I look at it by mistake I hasten to say. Important to find the trigger and avoid it. Glad you were checked out for it could have been ..... Yes it can be linked to neck and brain stem problems., Hence it is great you have had it checked. It is a form of migraine.

  • I have had migraines when I used to have hormones and get the flashing lights. I have never lost my sight completely in one eye. GP thinks it is the nerves being compressed in my neck that is causing them now. Gee thought I had gotten rod of them forever when I got rid of m,y lady bits, damn!

  • I have a friend who is now 86 and still getting hot flushes.

  • Wow I only got a few and some migraines straight after the hyster, I did HRT for about 7 months which fixed the migraines. The menopause stopped when the RA took over. Hahaha I guess I am lucky in a way.

  • Hi, Beauty96

    I also get migraines by looking at a flash of light bouncing off anything, also when looking out of the window at a bright sunny day and turning back into a darkened room. And especially white walls or snow seen through a black door or railings. My eyes/brain can't adjust properly and I think oh-oh I'm in for another migraine. I quickly take one pink Migraleve tablet to forestall it. If I don't and leave it too long the "aura" doesn't go away but I lose the power of speech and utter all the wrong words and sound as if I'm having a stroke. Very scary! If I don't have the tablets with me all I can do is lie down in a darkened room and wait (hopefully sleep) until my electrical brain circuit knits itself back together. But the pink Migraleve (from Boots or any chemist) tablet is wonderful. It works in under 20 minutes. I have only twice had to take a second one when the first hadn't quite cleared it in 30-40 minutes, but very rarely. The interesting thing is that although my mother (95) doesn't normally have migraines, she does have slight stroke-like symptoms and now says when she is feeling "odd" and "not at all well". One Migraleve tablet sorts her out too, in 20 minutes. I must have saved her having a stroke at least 30 times in the last four years. But you must catch it in the first 5-10 minutes. We carry the tablets with us at all times. Most GPs seem to lump all types of migraines together. My brother had the headache and sickness type and doesn't use Migraleve. One young locum doctor I talked to said I mine were a series of ITAs by which I guessed he meant strokes but he didn't want to call them that. I have never had any stiffness that others on this site mention so perhaps their migraines have a different modus operandi. Anyway I hope my info helps someone out there.

  • Yes it is helpful because last year I had what the doctors at A and E and the consultant called a TIA. I felt a pressure coming from the back of my head, and in essence lost my speech and the words did not come out. My husband called an ambulance. BUT they gave me hypertensions tablets that made things worse. M BP went up horribly as it always does when I have an allergy to something. I took myself off soya and was taken off the tablets and within 48 hours was back to normal. Once the food had gone out of my system. I am now aware it could have been an allergic reaction and not TIA but as I do get auras form the same reason as you if it could have also been an aura and not a migraine as such but.....set me thinking. What do you think? Can't even have a painkiller for the RA and OA cos of allergies.

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