After last weeks visit with the rhuemy consultant and him telling me he can't do anything for the sweats or fatigue and all he can help with is manage the pain,i have decided on a few things.

1, i am not going to look for any answers and miracle cures for what ails me.

2,I am going to stop asking Bob what my eyes looks like and are they any worse than before.

3,i am going to try and be more cheerful and outgoing.

4,I am going to try and stop worrying so much.

I think that is enough to be going on with.xxxx

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  • You are so strong - well done

  • Well done Sylvi,

    If you can carry on like that ,good on ya. I normally function on that kind of stance. But just sometimes it just all gets too much , and as I have found this week, I have crumbled ,massively. Sometimes you need someone to wrap you up and tell you that it will all be okay.

    Well done for being so positive.

    By the way love the pic. We brought one of those yesterday at a National Trust place.

    Jane x

  • Jane i will always be here to pick you up and send hugs to you whenever you want. I crumble just like you have done darling and i get down very down in fact. I will have a good howl and a rest and sit until the next when i am sure it will be better. I have always said i won't let the bugger beat me and yes there are times when it nearly has.xxxxxx

  • I would expect nothing else from you, i always read your postings whether here or on fb. You have got a very positive out look . We all have are down times mine are not over myself but my daughter, who is just getting over tonsillitis before her bone marrow transplant, which has been put back hoping that she will improve. So as we say here keep your pecker up(cheerful) . Sending you gentle hugs XXX


  • Oh I do hope you can keep positive Sylvi. You've a good man & family, they'll help you I'm sure. Feeling bleurgh myself at the mo so trying to focus on my positives, got to feel better for my h, he has a other op coming up so I have to be well. x

  • Good decisions Sylvi - hope you can stick with them but don't beat yourself up if your can't. Txx

  • Ha ha! Do you know, you've cheered me up, how did you do that?

    Good luck .... and enjoy. I love this little post.

  • Morning all,well all i have done over the last two days has come back to bite my bum,so it is rest day today for me. Yes i am trying to stay positive,at least i know why i am in pain don't i darlings. xxxx

  • Very wise words. Long may your positivity continue. 👍

  • Still going strong despite the pain...xxx

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