Going to India?

Hi guys

I have been following the site since last November when I had my first flare, and have found it very helpful and supportive ! This is the first time I have posted anything.

I am on mext and hydroxy and doing ok after months of pain and fear!

I have a chance to go to India for 3 weeks over Xmas and I am worried about my lowered immune system , has anybody else traveled too an area that could possibly affect their health? Your input would be helpful


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  • Not India, but other countries with potential health problems like Vietnam. And I've had no problems at all, and wasn't staying in Western hotels or anything luxurious. I take MTX, Hydroxy & Sulpha and view myself as slightly immune compromised, rather than immune suppressed, as I must still have a functioning immune system since I rarely pick up bugs or viruses. So I am just normally sensible, get the immunisations in good time, and take care over what I eat and drink. I think my one concession now is taking bacterial hand gel with me, as we often eat a lot with our hands.

    But a large part of it will depend on exactly where you're going as the endemic diseases vary across India, how healthy you are generally, and what sort of thing you're doing. A 3 week holiday in a western hotel should pose no problems, whereas three weeks trekking down swampy rivers might be a bit more challenging to hygiene standards.

  • Thank you! We're thinking of going to Rajasthan and traveling around hopefully not swampy rivers!!! 😁

  • Someone asked a similar question a while ago, as long as you have the relevant inoculations & be ultra careful 're water you should be ok. I've copied & added to what I replied

    Do remember to refuse ice cubes as well. For example, my f-i-l used to travel to India on business regularly, stayed in 5 star hotels but was warned by the Company not to eat salad as it's prepared using tap water. As he'd had all his inoculations thought he was safe for on the flight home so had a gin & tonic with ice. They failed to advise him that the water & ice cubes for the airlines are restocked locally & he was very ill (still in his system to this day) due the ice. I would think being immunosuppressed the risk of catching nasties will be increased so do please be vigilant. It was also suggested that you're careful to only drink bottled water where the seal is opened in front of you or better still you break the seal yourself. Careful brushing your teeth too, use bottled water, again bottled water & no unsealed bottles!

    I hope you have a lovely time, is it your first visit?

  • I've travelled to North and East Africa while on biologics and took all the precautions above. Hard to remember about teeth brushing, but it is important. And its a good idea to have a proper sun hat for very hot sunny moments. Have a wonderful time.

  • We've just had a over a month of brushing our teeth with bottled water Cathie & boiling our water..... at home! You soon get used to it.

  • So are you where there was this parasite? Sorry to hear this it sounds horrendous. My daughter know all about this after two years in tanzaniza but you dont expect it in the UK

  • Yes & we're going to receive a whole £60 per household from United Utilities for our inconvenience. How can that ever be fair with just us two as opposed to six in our next door neighbour's household?! Actually we buy bottled water anyway so it was only the dogs' water we had to boil so it didn't convenience us too much.

  • Don't eat the lollypops whatever you do and always drink bottled water.xx

  • Also don't drink any kind of fruit juice unless you see the orange etc being squeezed or a bottle/carton being opened. Juice is often watered down with local water

  • Thank you ! I hadn't thought of that!

  • I feel a bit more relaxed about going now ! Thank you for your knowledge and advice! I will let you know how I got on !

  • Sounds like a great trip to this part of India. I was in the northeast of India for 3 months in 2010, but it was volunteer work and there were no tourists, hence no 5star anything. Just buy bottled water and use your hand sanitizer. Take a supply of toilet paper too!

    I believe Hydroxy can also make you sensitive to the sun so take a good hat and cover up. Have a great time. Cheers Doreen

  • Thank you ! What volunteer work did you do?

  • I was on a team with the WHO Global Polio Erradication Program.

  • Well done ! That sounds interesting ! Thanks again Noreen

  • Husband and I went to Cuba...only problem was too hot so mild flare up but ge said worth it to see Havana :-)

  • ... and be careful not to get innoculations which contain live vaccines - but your GP / RA nurse should not allow this, anyway.

  • Thank you ! Another thing I hadn't thought about!😁

  • I've been to India three times whilst on methotrexate and quinoric + others. Be prepared to be very stiff and sore when you get off the plane and if you can travel business class then do so. Take a prescription of your meds and an extra pack of your meds sealed up in your hand luggage. Just remember your bottled water and enjoy it.

  • Thank you that's a good idea !

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