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Should I go back to rheumatology

Hi. I wonder if anyone knows what I should do. I have been diagnosed with R A for two and a half years and currently on 22.5 mg methotrexate per week. My last appointment with rheumatology Was in April and I am not due to go back until April 2016 as my symptoms seem to be well controlled

However, I have had chronic back pain which has finally been diagnosed as hip bursitis in both hips causing a really chronic back spasm I have had to pay for injections in both hips to try and get rid of it and have not been referred back to rheumatology.

Can anyone tell me wether this is actually RA related and if so should I go back to rheumatology sooner to have my medication reviewed? I also have very achy elbows. In all other joints RA is well controlled. Look forward to hearing what I should do. Thanks. Sally x

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Hi Sally,

If I were you I should make an appointment! 1 year between two appointments is a long time, unless they do regular bloedtests. because in my country, the Netherlands, you see your Rheumy every 3 months. And we have also bloedtests every 3 months, with medication like metrotrexate it is really important. Wish you all the best!



I think they left it a year because at the time everything seemed well controlled but what's worrying me is does the bursitis in my hips indicated that it isn't well controlled do you think?


Do you get monitored regularly on your methotrexate? If so do you know what your ESR and/ or CRP were doing before your steroid injections? And do you have a rheumatology nurse or helpline you could contact about the bursitis perhaps? I believe RA can attack any part of us because it's a connective tissue disease but there are areas it's more likely to flare up in - mostly synovial joints. What did the private doctor who diagnosed the bursitis say? Sorry - more questions than answers here.

I have to fight like anything to get onto my rheumy's list usually but I'm relocating so hopefully this will change.


I think you're right. I should make an appointment if I were you.

So she can soort it out!

Success and a hug!



It could be a secondary effect of the RA, but equally it could be unrelated and a result of osteoarthritis in your hips or just walking poorly. The variability is big problem with this pesky disease. However, if your RA is starting to go wild again I'd have thought you'd have felt it elsewhere too, or your bloods would start to show signs of increasing inflammation? But best not to take a chance and see if you can get an appointment.


Bursitis is musculoskeletal, and as you are under the care of a rheumatologist, then I'd definitely ask to be seen sooner. It may not be related, but it could equally be a sign that your RA isn't as well controlled as they thought it was.


I developed bursitis in my hip after I fell over and landed on it. Clemmie


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