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Wondering how people manage if they have Mortons Neuroma? My feet are numb and walking is a challenge…. Footwear also an issue, as my feet after 20 years of RA, are a mess. See a Podiatrist next week…. Just curious. I live in Scotland and am Abatacept weekly and daily prednisone.Ty.

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I have fairly regular injections in mine and custom made orthotics.

Thank you… willing to try anything.

My husband had this. There is an operation you can have, it has worked well for him.

I had them removed by surgery. The injections just put off the operation anyway. Why wear insoles if an operation and it's a minor one always cure the problem? They can grow back though and I went for surgery again some 8/9 years later. Two small scars and no problem. I'm puzzled why the NHS spends a fortune on insoles when a minor operation actually cures the problem and allows the patient to wear normal shoes and walk painfree.

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Thank you… good to know.

Or not if there are other issues! I have cysts, osteo, plantar plate rupture on small toe, swollen left foot ….but yes; seems logical for neuroma treatment.

I agree but my foot had started to turn over so it was really painful and so difficult to buy shoes. Believe me I tried insoles on the advice of a podiatrist they were awful. I ended up sobbing in pain and they made the problem much worse as the NM was at the top of my metatarsal and the forcing of my foot up against the toe box of my shoes actually caused a lot more pain. And it was the surgeon who said insoles won't stop this and I'd had injections x 3 too. It was like walking on broken glass. As I used to ramble and walk miles and miles it was a real problem. I could not get walking boots so I did not undergo surgery without thinking about risks etc. But having my foot straightened, bits of bone shaved off, toes broken and shaved and the NM's removed for the second time and plates put in to hold the foot and allow completely normal movement was worth any risk. My left foot had turned the NHS 27degree requirement of turn for treatment yet my right was completely unaffected. I stress it may not be the same for anyone else but for me the advice of a podiatrist was as my surgeon said well meaning but wrong. Podatrists can help a lot of people but are not qualified to make some decisions as surgeons are. I think they can be an NHS cheap fix without regard for a patients long term pain free and life quality. But again I'm only talking about my experience, it clearly is not the same for others whose experience of RA feet and insoles is good. I do wonder if it's down to the actual position of the NM as my foot may have turned because I'd try to walk to not cause myself pain thus doing more damage.

Agree on orthotics! The temps were fine. The permanent ones unwearable. They will be going back when I see podiatrist next week. Sorry for all your troubles…

He even took a plaster cast of my foot and made an insole that was unbendable so it was impossible to get into any shoe. I was spitting nails, furious and thats why I went to GP again and said this is just not on I need to see a surgeon. GP then looked at my foot for the first time in real detail and measured it and the insole and agreed. Three weeks later in hospital and sorted. I made an official complaint as my surgeon when he looked at the unbendable insole which in any event was made in reverse he noticed! I couldn't, as it didn't fit into any shoe so was made for my right foot which is straight and normal was just gobsmacking. I made an official complaint about the whole saga and its perhaps why things then moved quickly. I'm convinced that all the problems with insoles only made it a lot worse. As I sit here I can wear heeled shoes, walk and the only scars are on my instep and a lot of dots plus a shadow between 4and 5th metatarsals where they went in 3 times in all to stop the pain but that has been over 15 years or so. I could write a monty python sketch about my podiatry experience yet my husband has an insole as one leg is 18cm shorter than the other and he's fine so they do have good uses. Anyway he's been told if he ever needs a hip replacement that they will then lengthen his leg. Modern miracles ? and no more insoles. But his hip is fine still. lol x

Monty python sketch.😂 Agree the heel Lift in my left foot is useful. Hip surgeon threatening to level me up too when I get my hip replaced. Not sure if I’ve always had it or if it happened when right hip was replaced.

My husband was born with it for certain but so far no hip issues.

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Ty for this. It is difficult….totally relate to walking on glass. Ugh.

Maybe most patients are like me…even after the injections & surgery the success rate is low?In my area the NHS apparently don’t do the operation any more ..I must say the inconvenience of hobbling around…twice …as I had to have each foot done. separately ….was almost more inconvenient that the actual neuromas!

Yes I think we're back to postcode medication and treatment. I've heard from a friend in Gloucs. its 3 weeks to see a podiatrist here its 17 weeks to go on waiting list. Mind you thats good for me as I'm going to Benenden for fungal nail layering. lol

I opted out of Benenden….As none of the consultants I see work at a facility that Benenden cover..the nearest was about 30 miles away….& I’m set in my ways & don’t want to change doctors!

If its a choice of driving across the county or a 17 week wait; . I'll drive. lol . Seriously its across county, beautiful part of Kent and they sent my husband to East Grinstead for his facial cancer. All cured now luckily and its Maidstone for Oncology so I think we'll all end up travelling for care be it 15 or 50 miles. Such is the NHS now ! my friend doesn't drive but to get to one clinic its 3 buses so I gave her a lift. Not a problem but its very worrying and there is even a local consultants centre doing fixed price surgery. So many new houses being built is making it worse on top of Covid issues.

Luckily my consultants are very accommodating…….I have been with them a long time so I don’t have to start over every time I see them.I’ve had most things sorted & can get seen quite quickly quite close to home..just hope it remains that way!

I’ve had both feet done . Post op 6 weeks on the left foot . It was apparently enormous , so the consultant said and he understood afterwards when I said it hurt , yet the scan said it was a medium neuroma. I have another one back on the right foot that has to be sorted in the next few months .

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Thanks for the info. Good to know there are various options.

I had this problem about ten years ago. Surgery was suggested but I didn't take this option. I have new, custom made orthotics every two or three years and this makes so much difference. I had a couple of injections when it was at its worse but after a few months of struggling, this problem eased and no issues with this now. Definitely worth trying orthotics if you don't already have these.

See a Podiatrist next week for the first time… finding comfortable shoes has been a challenge….hoping they have some helpful hints to get the discomfort under control. Not looking to climb Everest, just pottering around town!

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My son and dIL have climbed Everest ! but I'm with you a nice amble around the shops or the nature reserve or a park is just lovely on a fine day.

Hi, I struggled with a Morton's Neuroma for a couple of years, it got so bad that I resorted to a mobility scooter, after many consultations and the prospect of an operation, I was lucky enough to see another surgeon who diagnosed a MN and organised a guided steroid injection, which worked like a dream, its been fine since and I walk quite well, certainly no mobility scooter. It always seems to be a matter of who you see. I hope your appointment with the podiatrist works out, you could always ask to be referred. X

Thanks for this.. gives me hope😀

I've got insoles and am getting my first injection on Sunday.

I think any neuromas in feet are difficult to deal with….I had mine removed…..but about 6 years later they grew again…..so I had ultra sound guided steroid injections….but they had very little effect….now my feet seem to lurch from being numb- burning with pins & needles & sometimes almost normal.My surgeon has said I could try having them injected again but says it will quite likely not make much difference…..so I’m just leaving them alone.

Ok…My feet wake me up at night with pins and needles and cramps… tried all the supplements etc….Got to love this disease….my knee is better, but my feet suck! I do still walk every day, but cannot say it’s a positive experience. Hoping for a little relief…..

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