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Evil wasp!

My other half is used to me grimacing and moaning as we go about, having been diagnosed with RA over a year ago. However, we have been on holiday and things have been pretty good, coping with walks and generally feeling ok. Until yesterday, when a stripy little b@gger stung me on the top of my foot, and now here I am, leg on a footstool, throbbing pain, unable to fit a shoe on over the swelling and thinking nothing really changes does it?! Other half is back on nursing duties. Good job we both have a sense of humour!

Ho hum! Hope you all have a good day, and watch out for evil wasps!

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Pleased to hear you've been feeling good but wasps stings - not good! Do apply tea tree oil if you have some & ask your GP for an anti histamine cream or tablets if it's excessively swollen.

I got stung on my hand helping a bee the other week, that's gratitude for you lol!


Hi! Ouch, Bee stings are supposed to be the worst! What an ungrateful little so and so. I would have an extra spoonful of honey to show them who is in charge....


I was a bit fortunate actually as it got me on a seg at the base of my middle finger so it wasn't too painful. That or I'm just numb! Love your idea having more honey to get my own back though! :P

Hope you're foot is at least a little less swollen today.


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