Bad time

Hi sorry to wine but having a bad time. Fed up being in pain, tired all the time and being skint. Went to see pain consultant who told me to carry on with the exercises swimming and dog walking and to keep to a sleep regime. He also told me that people with chronic pain can get better. I'd like to know how and when but he couldn't tell me that. Not impresses. STILL trying to find a part time job for finances but am doing voluntary work si at least I'm trying but can't see any light at the end of this tunnel. Thanks for listening guys. Kath Gallagher

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  • Hi Kath.

    Chronic illness and pain is so draining and tiring I'm not surprised you feel like this. It's an everyday struggle to do what others do normally!

    I'm glad your doc said keep going in a way as I found that by pushing myself even with the pain , it stops me getting too depressed and can actually distract you temporarily from what is going on with my body.

    Work is a big problem tho , have you had a chat with the " job shop?" When they know you are keen it helps and if I remember correctly they often have a disability advisor ?

    Don't worry about off loading on here, we've all been through it and sending you gentle hugs. Xx

  • Thank you. I rang the job centre when I finished work and was told that because I am not on jobseekers the was nothing they could do. It doesn't help that I have raynauds fibromyalgia and hypothyroid

  • Oh that's such a shame. Well steep hill to climb my lovely but the view at the top will be worth it xxx

  • Hope so

  • So sorry you are struggling..I think we all have constant struggles with pain/finances never ending tunnel!! I have cucumbers / toms that need my care . went back to painting / drawing but affected by moods.

    We are all with you . what voluntary work do you do?


  • I am doing voluntary in the shop in the unit where I used to work. It raises money for the neo natal unit. I have also been accepted as a volunteer for the Coroners court. I am a retired nurse/ midwife so experience will be useful

  • Forgot to say have rung job centre for disability advisor but got told that because not on benefits can't do anything for me

  • Citizens advice?

  • Hadn't thought of them thanks

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