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Have any of you folks put on weight with the Ra drugs. I am currently on tocilizumab which has really helped me but unfortunately has given me am impacted bowel which has caused me to having to carry round a stomach which looks like I am permanately pregnant. It is very uncomfortable and getting me down. I usually don't think negative but this situation does. Owing to the fact that I'm only 4feet 10 and a half inches tall and have now put on 3stones. Aargh.x

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I have the same problem with tolicizumab. It looks like I am pregnant, which is impossible because I am a man😉 I gained 3 kg But it is all around my bully. But I have to stop tozi as a lack of results. I will start Humira soon, I hope my bully will disappear than!

Wish you all the best Irene and warm greetings from the Netherlands !



I have put on about two stone on Tocilizumab. I find it so frustrating as I do not eat very much at all. The drug has been amazing though so I am not sure what the answer is. I am about to go on to weekly injections ( instead of monthly infusions) but doubt if that will make a difference.


Hi Irene

Weight gain is one of the possible side effects of taking tocilizumab but, given your size, 3 stones seems a lot of weight to put on. How quickly has this happened? What have your rheumatology team advised?

Best wishes



The three stones of weight gain are a mixture of constant steroids Etanercept and all the other medications I have been on. It's really weird as all the Rheumatoid drugs make my stomach really swell doesn't matter which ones, they all affect it bar 1 The only one that didn't do that was Azathioprine which never helped my ra but I lost 2stones I am getting my knee replaced in ten days and when I come off meds my stomach starts to go flat and always lose weight. I will I think will ask my consultant if I can take it less and see if that works.irene


Hi I'm on tocilizumab infusion and am losing weight due to cutting rubbish out my diet, I have lost 15lb in less that 5 weeks and feeling great about it, hope you can manage also


I also have put weight on with it even though I am at slimming world - plus it's not working great for me x


Sorry to here that tocilizumab is not working for you. I hope there is an alternative for you that does help. I have been round the houses with my medication over the years. And finally found Tocilizumab works for me think you have to weigh up health benefits against some of the side effects and try and work through them. I wish you the best.irene


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