Those of you who have this foggy

Do you forget you made a cup of coffee and go make it again

When driving forget how to get where you are going then it comes back to you after a minute or after someone tells you

Put food on to cook and forget you put them on

Put stuff in microwave and forget to cook them and leave them there

Forget names of people and. Famous people , words etc

Is this what foggy is , please say yes 😊

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  • Growing old for men... This is what you have got to look forward to...

    First you forget the names...

    Then you forget the faces...

    Then you forget to pull your zip up...

    Then you forget to pull your zip down!!!

  • I not old 😫 not a nice comment actually πŸ˜”

  • No offence intended... it was meant jokingly .... and not pointed at you.

  • We call zip down raring too go !!!! Mind now I have forgot how to raring too go !!


  • I play hell with the lady on my car navigation system.

    She is a real back seat driver


  • Yes. You're describing a typical day for me though I'm blaming it on gabapentin, my GP has sort of confirmed this as she says I'm definitely not myself when talking to her as I need prompting. I can't say I put food on to cook because I'm not trusted with a knife but I do put the coffee machine on & forget to make the coffee, all the rest I relate to. When my h drives I try to plan the journey in my head as he drives but if it's somewhere we don't go regularly I just can't picture it. The one that's really bugging me just now is the forgetting of names, famous ones too as it's my forte! Trivia memory gone. It could be down to a number of things but one of your meds is my bet & I feel for you. Fatigue also could play a part if you're not doing too well at the mo.

  • Thanks again

    So worried over it

    So horrible No one believes you 😞😞

  • Most of the time, but a lot better since coming off Gabapentin. Often find wardrobe doors open and don't even remember going there in the first place! Plus the odd mug of tea that I put in the microwave to reheat after forgetting to drink it and only finding it the next day. Many a time that I get in the car to go somewhere and drive off in the wrong direction!!! So you are not alone. X

  • Thanks smiler

    I do that driving off in the wrong direction

    God only knows where I am going , I certainly don't 😊

    Thanks again


  • That's comforting Barb, the being better since coming off gabapentin not wardrobe, microwave etc. Can't wait til I come off it. It doesn't help that I don't have any benefit from it.

    Hope you're well otherwise.

  • Yes,afraid so!!! the worst so far has been reaching into the oven for the roasting plate with out oven gloves. That was a silly mistake but me dipping my finger into the homemade sticky rib sauce oh that was a rib tickler I could of cried (well brought tears to my eyes)it resulted in one blistered digit and removed finger print ouch. So don't worry your not alone lol.

  • Thanks Craig

    No one ever tells you what to expect and the GP is a waste of time

    Thanks again mate


  • I had problems like this on methotrexate. My daughter-in-law thought I had early dementia. It's got better again since I changed to azathioprine.

    I just hated not being able to remember what I had done - I wrote myself notes about everything and ticked things off as I did them, otherwise i had no recollection of either needing to do things, or having done them. I once paid for a holiday twice having sent the second payment with many apologies for not having sent the first! And transferred some funds from one account to another and had to go into their office 35 miles away in order to find out what I had done. My diary was full of reminders...

  • Thanks old timer

    You and Kiki have helped


    Big weight off my shoulders

    The only help and support you get is on here from you guys

    Thank you all


  • Yes this is me. My son was not happy the other week that I over cooked the boiled potatoes so he had to have mash instead of roast, I forgot them altogether. I do silly things like put the large in the cupboard ( instead of fridge) and always going up stairs for things, doing something else completely coming down and then remembering what I need from upstairs. I'm quite tired at the mo so thing it's that as I not on any drugs to make me groggy. Brain fog is a part of RA. But if you are worried talk to your GP.

    Take care

    Kiki x

  • Thanks Kiki

    Really supportive. Helped aot actually

    GP does not want to know I am too young 😞

    Rhummy dies not understand either !



  • It really is a scary feeling, isn't it? I had it REALLY bad while on Gabapentin. To the point I called the doctor and said I was taking myself off of it. I couldn't think of words; would just stand in the middle of the floor trying to remember which direction I had been heading and why, etc. You didn't say what meds you are on, but this can be a side-effect of some of them. Hope you find an answer soon!

  • Thanks 😊

  • I find that medications - pain killers give me brain fog. I find that when I'm in company with people who are fast I cant keep up. I try very hard not to let names slip and the people I'm mostly with do take things slowly and allow me to collect my thoughts. But as you say, it is scary and inevitably you wonder what is going on. Try not to worry though!

  • Thanks 😊

  • I think we all thought you were having a laugh at first, even though of course the subject matter is serious.

    And then it became more and more apparent that this is something that is really worrying you and you are not getting any help with. That's dreadful.

    What meds are you on dobsey? The only time I've had serious brain fog was when my PsA was out of control. The better controlled it is, the sharper I am. The disease (RA as well as PsA) produces chemical substances that cause confusion, fatigue and possibly depression too. Your rheumy should listen to you.

  • They don't. Nor do doctors

    They say it had nothing to do with RA 😞

    Say I am too young for Alzheimer's

    So nobody wants to know

    It's so frightening driving down the road and forgetting g how to get sonewhere

    Also. Have severe burns from cooking as I forget how dangerous it can be

    So many bad burns from

    Making soup

    Leave stuff on and forget next thing the alarms go off as it's burning

    Now they say I have fibromyalgia So tired

    Can't get up in the mornings

    Yet no One helps.

    GP does not want to know just says its the rhummy's job

    Rhummy's don't care just shrug their shoulders

    Getting so fed up of it all to be honest 😞

    Terrible. Feel sorry for everybody else 😊

    NHS stinks 😞

    Awaiting to go in hospital on Wednesday for infusions think it's called rituximub on Sulz and hydrochloriquine as well as pain killers

    On amitryptiline for fibro

  • Oh lordy, you poor fellow. Okay, just my twopenny-worth coming up! In my experience the NHS is very patchy. By that I mean there are terrible patches and excellent patches and so so patches. When you get stuck in one of the worst bits it's easy to think that's all there is, but then you search a little and suddenly it's so different.

    I'd imagine that the fibro has a lot to answer for and you can get better help with that. It might be worth making another post asking if anyone in your area can recommend a doctor who takes fibro seriously.

    I also wonder whether the infusions will help with the brain fog. If this is your first biologic, things could really change for the better. I do hope so.

  • Heh

    Nice reply

    Thank you

    Nah had bios before


    Still thanks postie

    Everyone on here is so nice 😊

    Thanks to them all 😊😊

  • RA and PSA Can cause plaques in the brain I understand, A while ago I had a brain scan.and they could see some of the lesser veins blocked. They thought it was early dementia I was in my mid fifties. Remember brain fog can be something different from RA no matter what age we are things can go pear shaped at any time. If you are suffering from your medications or anything else have it checked.


  • Thanks

  • Hi I am plagued with fog! Nearly burnt the kitchen down twice..did not know hotplate turned on with kitchen clothes over.

    Lost a bag of frozen spinach accused my dopey Labrador of pinching it...only when a rank smell came from a cupboard found yes the spinach pheww!

    Lost a job I adored because short term memory lapsed.

    My son gets frustrated because hetelltell. Me things which I deny being told.

    I have been on gabapentin for donkey years for temporal lobe migraines & also for spinal nerves!!

    Did not know caused brain fog thanks guys...for that

    Being told just an age thing at 59.used to have a pin sharp brain.

  • Thanks. It's so horrible

    To have

    Keep fighting it 😊x

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