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Hi everyone been having pain/uncomfortable feeling around ribs sometimes moving found my back have had bloods done because doctor thought it might have been pancreatitis as I've previously had it but the results came back fine however still have the pain!! Thought it could be costachondritis but not sure waiting for rheumy to get back in touch with me regarding chest X-ray & respitarory investigation & have stopped mtx so have left me on steroid tablets 5mg a day sorry for ranting but wanted to go back to work this week & something always seems to crop up!! Gentle hugs michelle x

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  • Oh poor you ,I got costo so bad at Xmas I ended up in Hospital getting steroid infusions.

    I found ice packs, sounds awful, but for some reason the best help on my ribs. Hope it's only a mild episode as it's not nice is it xxxxA

  • Thanks allanah hope your doing ok xx

  • Nah!!! Steroids in knees last week and back on oral steroids today doh and a course of penecillin! Oh well at least next week I get to go supported to Latitude festival them when I get back my last hopefully radiotherapy sessions for hand related non malignant disease , it's a busy life !!

  • Sounds painful Michelle. If it's working it's way round your back it may be lung related & why the x ray has been suggested, & why the MTX has been stopped of course. I hope you hear soon but don't you worry about work, your health is more important, they'll manage without you.

    Try not to do too much & keep us updated won't you. x

  • Thanks nomoreheels it feels like one thing after another at moment hope your well xx

  • It often happens like that doesn't it?

    As you ask not too good just now, quite a lot of inflammation going on. My Practice Nurse rang earlier to discuss my monthly blood results as they're high for me & waiting for a call from my Rheumy nurse. Apparently my Rheumy's on holiday & the one I wanted when I used Choose & Book has been discussing my results with the Specialist Rheumy nurse. As you say one thing after another!

    But hey the sun's shining!! x

  • Bless you Hun hope things get better we can but hope take care xx

  • x :)

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