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I was too proud to apply for mobility allowance some years ago. I had to retire at 59 from nursing due to RA, but with my pension and my late husbands was ok money wise. Over time I have deteriorated and swallowed my pride and decided I should apply for it. I live in the country and needed a new car, I thought don't be daft do it. Mind made up, looked up the conditions to find I am now too old. It stops at 65 years of age. I find this extremely unfair especially as the government now want people to work till they are 68. Without a car I am virtually housebound, very limited bus service goes no where near where I want to go. Still need a new car ( well second hand ) so need to save my pennies. What do others think of the injustice of this, and please don't be too proud like me. It's not worth it.

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Disability allowance stops at sixty five but you can make a claim for Attendance allowance instead. Do not be afraid to apply for this . You have to be on highest rate of the mobility component of attendance allowance to get car. Just fill in application and see how that goes. Best of luck Irene.




I am now on the higher level for both mobility and care and i have a motability car and i wouldn't be without it,thank goodness hubby drives as i wouldn't get out without him. xxx


Have you got a branch of the CAB near you? They would help you investigate all your options.

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