Splint Eastwood!

Ok, so in an attempt to retain some humour I have named my right wrist splint Splint Eastwood. Suggestions for a name for the left one are welcome although hopefully it will be staying in the box.

Anyway, the reason for my post is because I am horrified that Splint has had to make an appearance and I'm not sure if it's RA related or possibly a trapped nerve somewhere but I'm in agony from the elbow down. My fingers have seized up and swollen, and there's just so much pain. I'm hoping splint will help ease it

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  • Sorry to hear Splintwood! I started with suspected Carpel tunnel problems that needed a splint but I had to stop using it due to increased swelling. As it turned out it was R/A even though the blood tests came back negative.

    I hope you have a better out come but either way carry on with the humour ,as they say laughter is the best medicine (well it sure helps)

  • Sorry beckywebb I hadn't read your previous postings, so didn't realise you where so far down the line . I've had similar probs with rashes drug reactions etc.

    Still watch the spiny especially at night.

    All the best .


  • That's my kind of humour. Brilliant.

  • Do you mean splints for lifting, carrying, driving or night resting splints? I have both and find them very useful but 20 odd years on I still hate to wear the daytime ones. But joint protection is key!

    Lefty could be the left one?

    Hope they help x

  • hi I didnt know you could have splints to drive in. I love driving but not done so for months, I seem to flare up badly after doing any. Pulling on handbrake and changing gear cause awful pain too.

  • Oh Saskia get referred to an occupational therapist for some driving splints, mine are standard but I have a tiny friend and her OT made hers as her hands are so small. OT's can advise on any daily activities you may find difficult. When my right wrist was very painful earlier this year they offered me a tool to help me wipe my bottom ( I'm not kidding) but i managed. 😁 I can hear highly recommend getting an automatic car and a steering nob. I got mine with my Motability car and it makes very light work of turning corners, parking and reversing!

  • thanks for the laugh i name things as well to get through it all . for me its a great way to relieve the monotony of the situation!

  • I hope Lefty stays in her box. I say 'her' because I think you should name her after me if she ever does make an appearance - I'd quite like the opportunity to get that close to Clint .... sorry .... 'Splint'.

  • Splint Personality? Splint Enz? Excel-Splint?

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