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I know these posts are old but I'm hoping that someone still follows. I am a 38 year old male. I started getting fevers with a headache starting May 22, a Friday. The following Tuesday I went to the hospital and was admitted for 5 days. Spinal taps, mris. You name it. They did it. The only conclusion was my liver levels were through the roof some other funky things here and there, "you have a severe viral infection that will run its course". After two weeks I am still sick. Now I have an itchy rash. My primary ordered more blood work. Liver functions improving but my GGT level is 1108, my rf number is 7 but my ccp antibody test was >250.

Does anyone have any input? Do I have RA? I'm really nervous. Nobody has answers.

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Hi MattfronNY,

I take it from your user name that perhaps you are in the US? In the UK, the diagnosis for RA is usually given by a rheumatology consultant in the hospital. There is no one blood test that can give the diagnosis for RA and the consultant will look at a number of things before giving the diagnosis. I have put links to the sections on our website that talk about symptoms and blood tests:

In the UK you would be able to ask for a second opinion if you were not happy with the initial diagnosis but I am not sure of how the system operates in the US. Hope this information helps,


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)


Well hopefully your medical team will come up with some sort of answer for you, but I'm curious why you think you may have RA. Do you have swollen or sore joints? Or is it the rash that is causing you concern? The CCP test alone doesn't seem to be enough to be sure it's a chronic disease. There is a thing called reactive arthritis that a friend of mine got following a severe infection. It was really unpleasant and painful, but did go away after several months.


The only real pain I have is in my abdominal area. I do have pretty bag back pain that has been getting worse. My sacrum has been the source of some pretty severe pain which they scanned and found some abnormalities.


Can I ask have they checked for lupus think that is more of a butterfly rash on face or stills disease the only reason I ask is that I was diagnosed with stills disease last December an that started with a rash an fevers almost overnight and then joints inflamed and swollen high white cell count and swollen lymph nodes I am sure it isn't but just thought I'd ask. Hope you feel better soon an get a diagnosis good luck it's scary when you not sure what's wrong but I am sure whatever you have once they know they will get you on medication and help you.


The doctor would look at a lot of things before saying for sure. Somethings

going on there, my dear. I'd say that it belongs in the hepatitis family.. but

not to worry..that means inflammation of the liver which you obviously know

that you have. Mine is also not in good shape. I had some methotrexate and

was not feeling very well at all. I was itchy as heck too. No rash. The doctor did

the test on my liver a week early because of my symptoms and wowza.. I was

hit with liver and kidneys from Rituxin and Methotrexate. Both kidneys and

liver are functioning at about 50 -60% right now. Mine is nothing that has to

run it's course.. yours probably is more of a fluke... again, nothing you can do

about it now except wait it out, you will get over yours shorter than I will..


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