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First appointment

i am currently waiting for my first appointment to see someone about the Osteo side of arthritis. I can't remember the name of them lol.

I've seen a rheumatologist a few times over the years and know what they do at the appointments. What should I expect to happen here? I'm hoping there is going to be some scans or something besides blood tests as I'm sick to death of the constant pain, thankfully I've had a week where I could walk unaided and now the pain and numbness has came back with a vengeance.

I'm hoping that they will actually do something but I can't help but worry that they will say that nothing is wrong but maybe that's the paranoia lol. Also, is memory issues something to do with things like this? Sometimes I can't think of the right words which are a daily thing, like telling my son to get his shoes, I forget the word shoes and end up having to tell him to get his feet things (which isn't going to help him as he is 4 and learning still)

Thanks guys :)

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I assume you're going to see an orthopaedic surgeon but I could be wrong. Some orthopaedic surgeons specialise in certain areas e.g. spine, so you may very well see one who is very knowledable about your condition. I suspect you'll have some sort of imaging but it depends on where the problem lies. I've had x-rays and MRI scans when I've been seen in orthopaedic clinic. I've never had an extra bloods order unless I'm going for surgery or something else major has flagged up.

Best of luck!


Other than what Crashdoll says, I can only think that they might send you for a Dexa scan. It's a specialised x-ray that assesses bone density so they can see if you have any osteoporosis.


Oh I know just how it is just now, forgetting the words for the simplest of things! I don't know if I can help re your osteo I'm afraid although I do have OA as well as RD. I am waiting to be referred to an Osteoporosis/Bone clinic, I don't know if that's where you've been referred, does it ring a bell?

My OA is well medicated but I do understand the unmedicated pain. I took up nearly a full appointment with my Rheumy talking (& to my surprise crying) about it. I presently have a 20mcg/hr BuTrans transdermal patch, nightly 50mg amytriptyline & 400mg 3 x daily gabapentin plus 30/500mg co-codamol as required (which is pretty much all the time just now) to keep my pain at an acceptable level but it could have still more help so I think when you do see someone you need to discuss your pain relief. Constant pain can be so draining & really messes up with your daily activities & as you have a child you really need to have it dampened down don't you?

I don't think you need worry about them saying you're being paranoid, they'll know exactly which buttons to press to work out that you're not!

When you get your appointment letter through or have been to whoever it is you're being seen by do let us know won't you? I'd be interested certainly & I do hope they will be able to help you.


At the moment I am taking cocodamol. I was given tramadol but that made me feel like I had overdosed and sick so I stopped taking it. What is RD? I am no good with the shortened versions of names etc, I am hoping that they sit down with me and don't rush me through. I'm having to wait a bit longer apparently due to changes within the hospital. I've got a feeling that it's due to budget cuts etc. I am trying to keep myself going with work and life for example, I ride my bike everywhere. No matter how uncomfortable it is I have to do it as its £60 a month for a bus pass which is more than I earn as I only work about 12-15 hours a week. I am scared that eventually I am going to end up doing more damage from keeping on the bike, but I can't justify taking food off the table so to say. I know how you feel about the needing to take the pain relief constantly yet only having a small period of less pain from it. I am thinking of looking into what help may be available in the meantime financially due to not being able to stand up for long periods at work. Thankfully my managers understand and have had to do health and safety things due to me being on a stick all the time.

I will keep you up to date if I remember. If I don't reply for a while then just pop a message on here and I'll get the email on my phone :)

Thanks for the help guys


Hey guys. As I promised I would keep you up to date here goes...

Had the appointment today. Turns out I was seeing a surgeon :/ but he was quite informative in the fact that I must have an MRI on my right knee. No matter how many times I said I'm getting problems in my other knee, hips, spine, wrists.

He pointed out that I had seen a rhumo in 2013 so I needed to be seen again to rule out rheumatoid arthritis (yet again) this time it's with someone else rather than the last person I saw.

So after waiting all this time fort appointment, i was in and out of his office within 10 mins with no answers with another 2 month wait for appointments.


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